5 Steps to Transforming Your Skin for this Summer


What better time to transform your skin than at the beginning of spring? Whether you’re a seasoned beauty junkie or still learning the ropes, these tips are guaranteed to up your skincare game.

Commit to wearing sunscreen every day.

Rain or shine, this one’s not up for debate. Incorporating sunscreen in your daily regimen is key to maintaining a youthful complexion. Consider this your rule of thumb: if you can see sunlight, your skin is receiving sun damage deep below the surface, regardless of your heritage. Unfortunately, UV rays care very little about your DNA, and genetics account for about 40% of how you age.

Double-cleanse in the evening.

Don’t worry. This won’t turn your evening ritual into an hour-long ordeal. If you wear makeup, sunscreen or are exposed to pollution (which, by the way, we all are), consider double-cleansing a necessary indulgence. You can be creative and customize based on your skin’s needs. Begin by choosing a cleanser that will break down your makeup, sweat, dirt and grim for your first cleanse. Once you’ve rinsed away the day, follow up with a second cleanser to nourish and treat your skin. If you tend to feel dry, choose a creamy cleanser that will replenish your complexion. If you’re oily, a detoxifying clay cleanser may be what your skin needs to feel healthy and balanced. And an oil cleanser can help to balance anyskin type.

Splurge on a serum.

If you’ve never experienced the luxury of a serum in your skincare wardrobe, you’re missing out. With a wide variety to choose from, you’re bound to find one that makes your skin sing through the perils of winter. If your skin is feeling dull and lackluster, check out brightening serums with vitamin C or niacinamide. Serums tend to be one of the more expensive product categories, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend a pretty penny on a fancy serum to see your skin transform.

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Sarah Payne is a licensed esthetician [https://www.youglowgal.com], self-proclaimed skin nerd and co-founder of Sarah Nicole Skincare [www.sarahnicoleskincare.com]. You can sign up for her emails where she shares skin and wellness tips on her website [www.sarahnicoleskincare.com].