6 Career Tips for My Younger Self

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2019 marks my 12th year of running my own business. That’s 12 years of growing something out of nothing, of creating something I loved and believing the world would be a better place if I did. It’s been a long road, but it’s been a good road. It’s been much harder than I ever would have imagined, yet far more rewarding too.

And after over a decade of being in the trenches, building something from the ground up, I can tell you that the secrets of success boil down to two ever-important, timeless staples: hard work and time.

That being said, there are some things I wish I had known in my first few years of doing business. Below is a list of six tips for my younger self, and I hope that you, no matter where you are in your career, will find them helpful.

So here it is. If I could write a letter to my younger self, here’s what I would say:

  1. The work you do between planting and harvest is the most important work. Between planting and harvest, there is often this in-between-season of waiting. A lot happens under the surface, but the world can’t see it yet. Butthe work you put in during this season is crucial. As my husband, Justin, always reminds me: “Slow growth equals strong roots.”

  2. Don’t do it alone. If you surround yourself with good people and make friends every chance you can get, you will grow so much more than you would if you if you were to go it alone. So be a good friend.

  3. Be committed to improvement. Hone your craft. Never be complacent. There is always room for improvement, so beware the dangers of settling for “good enough.”

  4. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. Don’t let your talk outdo your walk. Be humble, and let your success speak for itself.

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Mary Marantz and her husband, Justin, make up the renowned photography duo, Justin & Mary. Named one of the top 15 wedding photographers by Profoto, they travel the world, shooting editorial pieces and weddings and leading workshops designed to educate photographers and small business owners. They are esteemed writers, speakers and entrepreneurs