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Whitney Houston, James Bond, and Broadway shows…what a combination, right? Hope is here to keep you updated on all the recent entertainment happenings you may have missed!



Give Me a Higher Love!

This week, a new song by Whitney Houston was released! The estate of Whitney Houston gave a new recording of her version of the song “Higher Love” to DJ and producer Kygo, and he, in turn, remixed the song, adding modern twists to the already powerful song. The result is an upbeat, inspiring bop that doesn’t fail to get your foot tapping. It’s wonderful to continue to hear the angelic voice of Whitney Houston again! Her legacy lives on!

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On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Filming is now underway for the new James Bond movie coming out next year: Bond 25! As the 25th Bond movie, this film is a big deal, and apparently draws fans from the highest places. This week, Prince Charles himself stopped by the set of Bond 25, reportedly speaking to Daniel Craig and the other actors, and receiving a tour of many of the Bond gadgets being featured in the film, including some beautiful Aston Martins. Looks like we’re not the only ones looking forward to the release of Bond 25--we’re in the company of royalty!

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Broadway Show Review


Dear Evan Hansen

This weekend, I saw a performance of Dear Evan Hansen in Cleveland starring Stephen Christopher Anthony, and let me tell you, it changed my life. The musical introduces us to Evan Hansen, a boy with anxiety who feels invisible and unimportant, and who sees a therapist weekly, writing letters to himself each day to try to get through the day. Enter Connor Murphy, a hurting, rebellious teen, who is a social outcast like Evan. A letter is mistaken, opportunities are missed, and soon Connor has committed suicide and his family has mistaken Evan for Conner’s best friend. Unable to confront the lie, Evan goes along with it, finding a family and a love he never hoped to have, while destroying the person he already is and the relationships he already has. The musical climaxes as Evan’s lie is uncovered and Evan is forced to confront his own self and vulnerability.

I bawled as I watched Evan come face-to-face with the truth behind why he’s afraid to be himself: “What if everyone knew? Would they like what they saw? Or would they hate it too?” How many of us have wondered what it would be like to show people the innermost parts of ourselves, instead choosing to hide them because we’re afraid of retribution? That’s what I love about this show: it’s raw and real and painful. It shows multi-faceted characters who are deeply flawed, and who you can’t decide are good or bad because they have a bit of both in them, like we all do.

At the end of the show, Evan realizes a vital truth: that he is enough, just as he is. And I think this is a truth that many of us could do to realize; that we don’t need to ceaselessly strive to be someone else because we’re already enough just as we are. So, I would highly recommend Dear Evan Hansen--go see the show, read the book, or listen to the music. Either way, you may very well walk away with a new perspective on life and yourself!

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