Content Queen: Julie Solomon Rules Social Media, and with Her Tips, So Can You

Julie Solomon has learned to make faith and family her focus.

Julie Solomon has learned to make faith and family her focus.

What’s your buzz word for the new year? Maybe change? Maybe persevere? How about hope? (That’s one of our favorites; we’re a little biased.) Two buzzwords that we encourage you to add to your 2019 vocabulary are purposeful and intentional. Yes, let that sink in for a second. If you allow them to,these two words can become action words, words that can ultimately revolutionize the trajectory of your day, your month or your entire year.

These two words give Julie Solomon a spark. Her purpose, she says, is rooted in her faith and family. “Purpose is about getting clear in how you show up and serve, not only with your community, but in the world around you,” the New York Times best-selling publicist, top 100 leaders in influencer marketing and the host of “The Influencer Podcast” said. “And so for me, purpose is being able to provide the highest service to my community and bringing my highest self to my work and my life so that I may empower and inspire my community to do the same.” She believes that you have to practice what you preach, and “intentionally think and feel yourself through your purpose each and every day.”

That’s not an easy feat. Solomon turned her hobby of personal branding into aside hustle then into her main hustle. Now, she teaches other women to do the same. She actively seeks women who have a goal and guides them to their dreams. “Being able to help other women step into their uniqueness and get more comfortable with owning their power is something that I am incredibly passionate about,” Solomon says that she teaches women to be leaders, and not anything less. “Sometimes women are made to believe that the smaller and quieter we are, the more we blend in,the more we will be accepted, and that's just not true. That is not a leader mindset. I am a leader for women who may feel powerless in a lot of situations, but they want to reclaim that power for themselves so they can attain the freedom they want so badly in their life and in their work.”

Empowered women empower women; when one of us gets to the top, shatters this glass ceiling, we have to make sure there’s a ladder, rope, outstretched arm—whatever it takes—to keep the door (and ceiling) clear for another woman to make her way up. And,as Solomon says, with open and honest communication, we can continue to empower those around us to get going; keep fighting. “Even though I may be a few steps ahead of someone on this entrepreneurial path, my job is to turn behind me, extend my hand out and say, ‘Hey, let me help you get up here!’” she adds. Another way to empower each other and ourselves is being conscious about how we show up: with family and friends, but also on social media and to the world.

Solomon’s bright Instagram feed of over 3,000 posts mostly show her—with a dash of her husband and son’s—smiling face. The blush overtones match her blazer in her profile picture. A couple thumb swipes down her feed and there are so many portraits, quotes and videos you’d like to double tap. This is her specialty and it shows. Solomon always stays on brand but she also isn’t afraid to get real. Back in October she posted a graphic reading, “I did that one thing I swore I’d never do...” In the caption she proceeded to be very candid with her over 90,000 followers; she tells a story where her and her husband argued in front of her son. She goes on to talk about what she was feeling in that moment—mom guilt, failure, the desire parents have to be “perfect” and how pain makes you stronger.

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