Enhance Your Home Décor with the Perfect Floors


One of my favorite parts of any home is the floor. It might sound strange, but as a designer, I work with my clients to create floors that complement their décor and lifestyle. I start with simple questions like, “Do you have children, or are you planning to have children in the future? Below is a list of different flooring types and what they have to offer your home:


Hardwood floors are popular for their warmth, character and upkeep. They stand the test of time. As the years go by and your home décor evolves, you can always refinish and stain your hardwood floors to match your color scheme. Hardwood floors also allow for patterns and inlays, and mixing different species of woods can add an attractive touch.

Ceramic Tile

When it comes to ceramic tiles and stone floors, the options are endless. You can customize your tile’s size, grout color, and design. You can even install them over a heating system to warm your feet during the cold winter months.


Often used in libraries for sound control, cork’s thick, spongy composition absorbs vibrations and footsteps. This flooring is non-toxic and easy to maintain, making it conducive to pets and young children.


Known for its durability, bamboo is tough as the hardest of woods and strong as some alloys of steel. With its beautiful color, it adds a natural hint of the outdoors to your indoors.

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