How to Live a Love Letter Life Like Audrey Roloff

Audrey and her husband Jeremy

Audrey and her husband Jeremy

Most people have never written or received a love letter. But reality television star Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy, hope to change this. The couple hosts The Behind the Scenes Podcast and founded Beating 50 Percent, a ministry to revive covenant marriages. Their new book, A Love Letter Life, aims to revive the lost art of love letter writing. Millions of you tuned in to see their love story unfold on TLC’s Little People, Big World, but the book dives deeper into the faith that drives their relationship.

Facing long-distance separation, health problems, emotional walls and a myriad of other obstacles, the couples ink their history into these love letters. “The effort, attention and time to create the letter and the patience to receive it are character traits that we’d like our love story to be marked by,” Audrey explains.

By reading their book, not only will you learn about the couple’s roots, but you’ll also find the inspiration to create a love story of your own--the kind worth reading about. Until then, take a look at our tell-all interview with Audrey below:

What specific author or book inspired you to write your story?

“The book A Severe Mercy. It’s a book that Jeremy read, and then read to me out loud while we were dating. The book highly influenced Jeremy’s life, then my life and then our love story. It’s our favorite... we read it every year together. It’s just that powerful.”

What are three main takeaways that couples will be able to glean from your book?

“Pursue creatively, date intentionally and love faithfully—we think you can do those wherever you’re at in your love story.”

Keys to making a great love letter?

“I think writing a love letter in and of itself. It’s such an amazing gift that you can give to the person you’re writing to.”

Favorite books to read to your daughter, Ember?

Night Night, Train. It’s part of a series of books.Trains and train tracks are a part of our love story, so we naturally gravitated to that one.”

What’s the last love letter you’ve written to each other?

“Right now we do this thing where we write one thing that we’re thankful for or appreciate about the other person on a slip of paper every night. Then we put it in this mini mailbox hanging in our bedroom. It’s a way to go to bed every night feeling thankful for and appreciative of each other, even if it’s just for the little things.”

Favorite tradition together?“Every year on our anniversary, we write letters to each other that we’ll read to each other the following year on our anniversary. We’ve been doing it since our honeymoon!”

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