Spoil your friends, sisters and your mom with presents just for fun


Beautiful and practical gifts to show the special ladies in your life they are appreciated

Girl Scouts sing about friendship as something that’s as valuable as money (“Make new friends but keep the old: one is silver and the other gold”), but we believe friends are worth even more. When you stay up late sharing wine and secrets; cheer for each other at every new job, relationship milestone and personal goal accomplished; and know exactly what to say after a rough day, then you have the rare gift of a true friend—something even your platinum card could never buy!

This month, show your #girlsquad you care by surprising them with a thoughtful gift for no reason at all. Your friends, sisters and/or mom make your world a better place to live in, so they deserve a token of appreciation. After all, hanging out with lady friends actually releases oxytocin and reduces stress, according to a recent study by UCLA. Since Mother’s Day has already passed and Friendship Day isn’t until August 4, you officially have our permission to treat your friends just-because.

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