Wondering How the BET Awards went this year? Read On!

Some exciting things happened this week in entertainment, and Hope is hear to keep you updated!


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He’s Still Standing!

This week, Elton John was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by Emmanuel Macron, President of France, for his musical legacy, his fight against AIDS, and his work to give a voice to the voiceless. This award is the highest award that a civilian can receive in France, and the President called John, “an icon that knows how to set an example.” John received the award with the utmost humility and a pledge to continue the work he had begun: “Things that bind us are stronger than those that divide us. It is this magical human spirit I will carry with me as a proud member of the Legion d’Honneur.” How wonderful it is to see such hard work on behalf of the voiceless rewarded! 

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2019 BET Awards

What are the BET Awards? Great question! The Black Entertainment Television network founded this awards show to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of Black and other minority members of the entertainment industry. This year’s awards ceremony was high-energy and full of amazing performances by Cardi B, Mary J. Blige, DJ Khaled, and more. Many prestigious artists received awards, such as Beyoncé winning “Best Female R&B/Pop Artist,” while Bruno Mars achieved “Best Male R&B/Pop Artist.” Also, Regina King received “Best Actress,” and Michael B. Jordan won “Best Actor.” However, the evening was not all high energy and excitement; it also contained some extremely poignant moments. Artist and activist Nipsey Hussle received a posthumous Humanitarian Award, Mary J. Blige was given the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Tyler Perry received the Ultimate Icon Award. All in all, it was an exciting evening of honoring exceptional talent!

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Movie Review


Always Be My Maybe

If you’re looking for an adorable rom-com to watch this weekend, look no further! Always Be My Maybe is the story of two childhood best friends, Sasha and Marcus, who fall in love, break up, and then meet up again years later to find Sasha as a multi-million-dollar chef and Marcus as a heating/cooling maintenance man who plays in a band on the side. Though Sasha devotes her life to chasing goals and Marcus pursues the status quo and keeping things comfortable, the two find themselves unable to resist the magnetic pull that continually brings them together.

If I had to describe this movie with one word, I would say “lovable.” It’s a love letter to Asian-American culture, and the vivid foods, settings, and traditions that fill Sasha and Marcus’ lives beckon viewers in and invite them to acknowledge a culture that has previously been left unacknowledged in this genre of movie. Furthermore, Sasha and Marcus are quirky and relatable, and oh so human, and the conflict of the movie does not involve one or both of the characters giving up themselves in order to be with another person. Instead, this movie showcases the challenges of having an equal partnership in which love and dreams are both pursued equally through compromise. The movie is hilarious, adorable, sexy, surprising (can I just say, Keanu Reeves?), and absolutely lovable. It feels like being invited into a warm kitchen full of delicious smells that you can’t help but breathe in deeply. Go check out Always Be My Maybe on Netflix today!

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