The Perfection of an Imperfect Home: My Journey from Chronic Discontentment to Redefined Joy

Kennesha Buycks is on a journey to an imperfect home!

Kennesha Buycks is on a journey to an imperfect home!

I’m an only child. I’ve pretty much gotten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it, since birth. There was nothing my grandparents (papaw and memaw) wouldn’t do to make me happy. They spoiled me out of love, but this bred a discontentment in me. I didn’t know how to be happy unless I had everything I wanted.

I was blind to all of this until I married my husband. When it came to our living conditions, my discontentment reared its ugly head. I didn’t want out of date décor or hand-me-down, not-my-style furniture. I wanted new and shiny and beautiful. And in my mind, new and shiny and beautiful meant owning our own home.

10 years into our marriage, we decided to separate from the military and live a civilian life. Larry had been in the military since we’d gotten married, so we had never actually lived a “normal” life before.

We left the base in Hawaii and moved to a rental in Seattle. I was less than pleased. I wanted a real home. A permanent home. A home we owned.

After 12 years of bouncing from rental to rental and base to base, I wanted something that could be ours. I told myself that it was only temporary and that we would find a home to call our own sooner than later.

But later turned into much later, and after three years in that rental, we had to move into another rental. I was so discouraged. But I decided to turn to God. I felt that He was offering me the opportunity to gain a new perspective on His direction for our lives.

Those parts of my heart that had longed for an amazing gourmet kitchen with designer furniture, those voices of comparison that kept me longing for what others had, those lies that I deserved perfection-they all began to dissipate. And I began to experience a peace that I’d never felt before.

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Kennesha Buycks is the creative behind the Restoration House Interiors blog and author of Restoration House: Creating a Space That Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter. A proud Southern girl originally from Guntersville, Alabama, Kennesha realized at a very young age she had a knack not only for the creative but for connecting the hearts and minds of the communities in which she had the privilege of sharing life with through those very talents