Thirty-One Gifts: Redefining Female Confidence through Business Ownership

Executive Director of Community Affairs & Philanthropy for Thirty-One Gifts

Executive Director of Community Affairs & Philanthropy for Thirty-One Gifts

When most people think of giving and community outreach, they might think of the annual efforts made by nonprofits that employ volunteer work and donations to aid those in need. As the holiday season passes, we’re happy to shed light on an organization that serves families in need year-round. Thirty-One Gifts ( is an organization on a mission to help independent business owners across the country support their families and achieve their dreams.

Executive Director of Community Affairs & Philanthropy, Wendy Bradshaw, explains why this initiative is so important. “Eight years ago we started the foundation side of our company and built the criteria in hopes to really make a mark in philanthropy,” Bradshaw recalls. “We focus on giving for the development of girls, women and families. Within those pillars, we’ve built partnerships in Columbus (headquarters) and throughout Canada.”

Since its inception, Thirty-One Gifts has donated $100 million in cash and products over the past 15 years. With a number that high, it’s clear that giving is a significant part of the company’s culture.

Currently, one partnership that stands out above the others is the relationship with Girl Talk (, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The partnership focuses on peer-to-peer mentorship for middle school and teenage girls. This means that a high school student can use a virtual curriculum to develop leadership skills and teach the other members how to be bold, confident and strong. Other cities have started Girl Talk chapters with the help and support of Thirty-One Gifts employees and consultants.

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