Waiting While Dating: Holding out for God’s Best

A love story of patience and perseverance

A love story of patience and perseverance

Love. How did it come about for me? My love story is probably not unique, but it’s unique to me. 

I used to imagine myself having two kids and a husband before age 30. He would be easy to find, a southern gentleman, a Clemson Tigers fan and all would be well. 

Then I turned 30. Then 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38… and still no husband. What in the world? Was I missing something? Finding love was turning out to be harder than I thought. 

After many failed relationships, heartaches and hurts, I was still far from meeting someone husband-material. So I decided to change my own ways. I knew I had to better myself in order to attract him. The godly man I desired would only desire a godly woman in return. 

After a gut-wrenching breakup, I had had it. I was eager to do whatever I could to make changes in myself, and I worked hard at it- small group, coffee team at church, women’s Bible studies, podcasts, books, Christian music, the works. Whatever there was, I signed up for it, read about it or listened to it. 

I treated self-improvement like a full-time job. With my strong, tenacious personality, I struggled to understand why I wasn’t getting what I wanted.

Everything seemed to fall miraculously into place. I was planning to self-publish the book, but then I got a publishing deal. The couples I interviewed were easy to find. They were already in my life since I had surrounded myself with great mentors. The questions and topics came easily to me over time. My pastor, my women’s ministry leader, my girlfriends, the singles group at church and my community group all met with me to go over every question. And as I began the writing process, the words flowed seamlessly.

Even though it took three years to write and publish the book, it was the perfect timing. Now I was ready to use the book I had just written as a resource to find my own husband. As I was in the editing phase of the book, I met Jeff.

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Lindsey Holder is the author of Waiting While Dating and How to Become A Celebrity Assistant: Your Inside Source. She’s a successful entrepreneur and top blogger at lindseyholder.com.