A Letter to My Readers: Rachel Fordham, Author of "Yours Truly, Thomas"


I’m thrilled to write you for several difference reasons. First of all, I love letters. I really, really do. Let me share why.

When I was a little girl my Grandma would write me letters sometimes. That may not seem very significant but it was huge to me. You see, my grandma was quadriplegic (she was in a horrible accident when my mom was a teenager). As a result of her condition writing was very hard for her. She had limited use of her arms and her hands were stuck in fist. Her writing looked like a child just learning to write. Each shaky word was a labor of love. Even as child I recognized this.

As a teenager my dad would sometimes slide letters under my door. They’d be full of wisdom, advice and concern. We rarely talked about the letters he wrote. Sometimes when I first read them I’d feel stubborn and angry but the second or third read through and I’d see the love that was written between the lines. I’d ponder on what he was trying to say and more than once those words changed how I saw the world and helped me through those tumultuous teenage years.

When I was dating my husband we were apart for a summer. During those months we wrote love letters back and forth. It’s not uncommon for us to write to each other still. It’ll be fifteen years of marriage this year but he’s still my favorite guy! Some of his letters are totally swoon worthy.

My July 2019 release Yours Truly, Thomas utilizes letters and was a pleasure to write. There are letters between friends and between people that are romantically interested in each other. There are letters with pieces of wisdom in them and some that I hope will just make the reader smile.

I tell you all this to let you know how much I adore letters. Both the receiving and the sending make my heart happy.

And now I get to write you. Dear Readers, I am grateful for you. I’m grateful we get to share stories together. I’m grateful that words and characters bring us together. I’m grateful for the readers that email me and follow me and become my friends. I’m grateful for reviews that boost my writing spirits and for the ones that touch my heart. I love a good romantic letter but I also love thank you notes (and so here is mine to you). As a writer we often don’t see our readers face to face but we do care about you. We think of you when we are writing. We wonder if our stories will touch your hearts, make you laugh or maybe even make you cry. We feel grateful for those of you that buy our books and often wish we could give you a big hug. If we meet in person ever let’s promise to sit and chat and take selfies together. But for today, I’m glad I have the chance to send you a quick thank you.

My upcoming release has me thinking all about the words we write. I hope you enjoy the book and maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel inspired to send a few thank you notes (or maybe even a few love letters) because of it.

Sending lots of love to all my reader friends. You’ve made this new author’s last year wonderful.



Rachel Fordham has long been fascinated by all things historical or in the words of her children "old stuff". Often the historical trivia she discovers is woven into her children's bedtime tales. Despite her love for good stories she didn't attempt writing a novel until her husband challenged her to do so (and now she's so glad he did). Since that time she's often been found typing or researching while her youngest child naps or frantically writing plot twists while she waits in the school pick-up line. In addition to her passion for storytelling she enjoys reading, being outdoors and seeing new places. Rachel lives with her husband and children on an island in Washington state.