4 Strategies of Successful Families

Happy homes don’t happen by accident. Living with partners, sheltering parents, taking in extended family, and rearing children can tax any couple. These intimate relationships can be challenging and are often exhausting. But the difference between crumbling under the weight and rising to the occasion of family pressures can be predicted fairly accurately no matter how diverse the household.

 Taking a step back and looking at how you run your home, respond to conflict, and foresee struggles in the future can save your household from great angst and strife. Successful relationships are not exactly #relationshipgoals. They're not necessarily flashy and don't always make good memes.

Goals can be thresholds or titles, and tend to be simple and static. Success is ongoing, often complex, declarative, and adaptive. Several strategies can help you achieve success in your marriage and parenting, as well as other family relationships. Here are some that deserve consideration.

Growing Together

If you're not growing together you're growing apart. Growing means progressing either in your relationship or individually, or both. Together doesn't always mean at the same rate, at the same time, or in each other's presence. You can separately work on yourselves or your relationship in multiple steps that fit your lives. But you are both working toward the same end, and understand each other's milestones. You both also know what function this progress will serve in the future, and what you as a unit hope to achieve.

Plan to Succeed

Plan to succeed, but also prepare to fail. No one is perfect, so your journey through life together won't be either. If you make a mistake you need to know what you did wrong, understand why it happened, and anticipate how to prevent it in the future. Try to foresee where you could stumble and take extra care in those areas going forward. Make a backup plan and a list of remedies so you can quickly recover from a misstep.

Ask for Help

Everyone needs and deserves assistance. If you know what you're lacking or need help with, it can be easier to ask for help from a trusted friend, close family member, or marriage and parenting professional. If you don't know where you need help, start with explaining what is causing friction. If you feel completely lost, and “don't know what you don't know,” be humble and willing to hear the perspective of outside support.

Celebrate the Successes

Celebrate when you reach an achievement. Praise your progress and applaud your hard work. But don't just acknowledge, also analyze the achievements. There will be wins and losses along the way, but don't just focus on the failures. Figuring out what went right is just as important as understanding what went wrong.

Success is a journey, not a destination. Every family is unique, but the basics of what makes a household flourish and feel harmonious are largely the same. You can maintain momentum and motivation through relationship and parenting challenges with the right skills and strategies. Keep growing together and create a plan – and a plan B. If you're lacking in certain areas, look for outside perspectives and support. Celebrate achievements and triumphs, then analyze what worked as well as what didn't.