Summer Love: A Poetic Piece by Kefentse Booth

There's a place that lies between sunup and sundown. Between budding flowers and pollinating bees. Somewhere between the merger of magic and reality, it creates ecstasy. It’s where the summer breeze coats the atmosphere and hypnotizes those who are willing to engulf its sweet scent.

Mingling hearts attract like magnets and hold on until autumn leaves change color. Love is in the present. Cascading down the smalls of lovers’ backs. Softly kissing freedom. Inhaling the opportunity. Holding on because they never want to let go of the moment.

The sunshine dances on morning windowpanes. The awakening of hearts that can’t wait to rest their eyes on their lovers’ faces. It’s peace in their presence. Tranquility that allows them to be themselves with no judgement. The willingness to paint vibrant colors with affection. Whether foreign or taboo, right or indecisive; these days where created for us.

Each day is a snapshot. A charismatic picture placed into a mental snapbook of love. The world rotates around us. The tilt of the axis belongs to our connection. We’ll release the moment when we are ready.

Midday laughter echoes in the bystander’s ears. Our conversation holds no boundaries, because we flow like wind and water. Ice cream and roller coasters. Dark movies with resting heads on shoulders. I’ll give you my jacket if you get cold. Just make sure you continue to let me have all of you.

Let’s stay right here. Where sunrise to sunset is the longest of the year. Where the departure of the sun paints various hues that bounce off our dreams. Clear blue skies fading into a reddish tinge. Our love is the calm in the moment. The mere satisfaction of another day’s departure as we journey into nightfall. Nestled in separate thoughts, but coupled inside this beauty our world brings.

With nighttime looming around the corner. The soft touching becomes tantalizing. Endorphins rise as pores open. The sweet scent of innocence leaves as the seductive fragrance of want enters. Our shadows dance upon bedroom walls. They move to our rhythm as we contort our bodies. Passion erupts like fireworks. Beauty bursts as colors pop in the night sky. This is heaven on earth. A mere glimpse of how the days of our life should be lived. Carefree and effervescent. Yet together and in love as the foundation.

I’ll stay here if you promise. Promise to be more than this current moment in time. Promise to continue to be the cool wind that whispers in my ear. The soft touch that transforms my core. The sweet nectar of the fruit I love to taste. Promise to be the beginning of my day. The fond smile of my afternoons. The enticement of my evenings. Everything that I cherished about you being my Summer Love.

Kefentse Booth is the author of Miles Traveled Down Love’s Highway and Stranded on Love’s Highway. He is a lover of written and spoken word that shape his sentences into rhythmic compositions.