Let's Play Dress-Up! : Four Looks Inspired by Remarkable Women

Tiaras and tutus filled my closet as a little girl. I loved dressing up as my favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty, as well as Pocahontas, Dorothy, Wonder Woman, and many other characters throughout the years. It was fun to look like the girls I admired, and I don’t see why that has to change!

As adults, we can still play dress-up! Pay homage to the fearless females in the world by dressing like some of your favorite women. It doesn’t have to be a full-out costume; the right shoes, jackets, or dresses will remind you of your heroes in subtle ways. Dust off that old crown, girl, you’re going to need it!


Tall Boots Like Jennifer Lopez

As a multi-talented woman who has sold more than 80 million records worldwide and received over 300 various awards for her acting, producing, singing, and fashion-designing skills, Jennifer Lopez is definitely someone we admire. She is known for showing off her well-toned legs—often, in a gorgeous pair of to-the-knee boots. Steal her look by strutting in the Fendi Neoprene To-The-Knee Boots ($1,790 from Neiman Marcus). These sexy tan boots feature a 4.1-inch heel, buckle details, and a fierce pink stripe going down the back. With these on, you’ll be ready to dance the night away like J.Lo, no matter where you are!


Sleeveless Dresses Like Michelle Obama

Former first lady (and practically American royalty) Michelle Obama is gorgeous no matter what she does. From helping to advance girls’ education during her time in the White House to writing the bestselling memoir Becoming, Obama does it all with grace and impeccable style. Copy her iconic sleeveless dress look by getting this Checked Overlap A-Line Dress ($139 from Ann Taylor). This checked maroon-and-grey dress is the perfect color for fall, and it features a flattering piped waist, form-fitting bodice, and straight skirt with overlapping material. Of course, there are no sleeves, so you can show off your arms or slip on a cardigan for no-bunching layering.


Floral Blazers Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Known as the “Notorious RBG,” Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who happens to be the second woman in history to earn the title of Supreme Court justice) is a champion for women’s rights. When she isn’t busy wearing her black-and-white robes while delivering fierce dissents and advancing equality, she often wears gorgeous floral blazers. Copy her feminine style in your wardrobe by getting the Daniel Rainn Floral Blazer ($88 from Nordstrom). This pretty blue jacket features a pattern of orange, blue, red, and white flowers with one center button and flap pockets. Wear over a dress, pants, or jeans whenever you want to channel her confidence.


Rainbow Colors Like Taylor Swift

From curly-haired country singer to Grammy-winning popstar, Taylor Swift has been an icon for over a decade. While promoting her latest album Lover, Swift can be seen rocking rainbows, pastels, pink, and all the glitter! Rock this look for yourself with the J.O.A. Rainbow Stripe Dress ($69 from Nordstrom). This colorful wrap-dress features a low-cut neckline, a hemline that goes to the knees, and a vibrant striped pattern in every color in the rainbow. Wear with your most sparkly shoes and accessories to feel like the superstar you are!