The Heartbeat of the Home

It’s probably safe to say that whatever design style your kitchen is, it’s the center of your home’s universe. Kitchens are the gathering place, the homework place, the bake-an-apple-pie-when-you’re-sad kind of place, the twirl-until-you’re-dizzy kind of place, and the place where all the stories start.

Here are a few principles of kitchen design:

Organization, Organization, Organization!

Kitchens come with lots of stuff. There are pots and pans and mixers and measuring cups and blenders. The key to falling in love with your kitchen is to find a place for everything and to keep everything in its place. Keep your kitchen organized in style with simple organizing tips like these:

  • Simplify drawers by using organizers.

  • Place pot lids on a kitchen organizer that hangs over the cupboard door.

  • Fill baskets with plastic plates, cups, and napkins for unexpected guests.

  • Stack spices on risers in the cabinets.

  • Create an entire “family command center” with peel-and-stick chalkboards and calendars on the backside of a cabinet door.

Remember the Kitchen Triangle

During a kitchen remodel or when updating appliances, it’s important to keep the “kitchen triangle” in mind to maximize efficiency in space. Typically, there are three work centers in a kitchen: the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. Place each of these elements in the space so that they form a triangle. This allows the cook to easily travel from one area of the space to another efficiently while preparing a meal.

Divide Your Kitchen into Zones

Because the kitchen is the center of the home, many different activities take place in this space. And each activity can occur in a specific zone: homework can be zoned for the kitchen bar area, the main kitchen triangle can be used to prepare meals, and bar stools can be added to the island for a quick snack.

Make Labels

One simple way to reduce chaos in the kitchen is to use labels. Design specific labels for your kitchen, print them out, and use them to help organize your space.

Tidy Up the Pantry

The pantry can be either the kitchen’s best friend or its worst nightmare. If the pantry is happy, then everyone is happy! I use baskets with labels in my pantry to maximize space and sort food into categories. Add additional storage space by using vertical storage on the doors and hanging baskets that slide onto shelves.

Taken from: The DIY STYLE FINDER: DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE STLE AND DECORATE IT YOUR SELF. Copyright © 2019 by KariAnne Wood. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon. Used by Permission.