Living in the Shadow of Others

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I? Does my existence matter?”

Living in the shadow of others is dangerous, suffocating, and exhausting. Furthermore, it has caused many visions, ideas, and dreams to lie dormant and unrealized.

When living in the shadow of others, your true identity is hidden not only from others but oftentimes from yourself; the world sees your silhouette, but they don’t see you. Unfortunately, you and others only see the person in whose shadow you walk, which can leave you drained and unfulfilled, in search of your voice and seeking validation from others.

You would be surprised at the strength, individuality, creativity, and power you gain once you discover your purpose and your why. However, discovering your why requires courage to move from behind the shadow of your comfort zone into the faith of stretching into the unknown. I know personally how easy it is to become comfortable and to gradually start to lose yourself in the process of not fighting for your why.

Ladies, finding your why doesn’t mean you can’t assist and serve others, but one thing we can’t get back once it’s gone is time. You have to be careful not to allow others to entrap you with their own meaning of serving, which fulfills only their own ambitions and desires.

Why is it important for me to find my why?

There are visions, dreams, and gifts that God has specifically given each of you that only you are able to deposit into the earth. Finding your why not only brings freedom for you, but for others as well, through the gifts you give. Living in your why is liberating; you’re no longer bound or restricted by limits placed on you by others.  It’s like someone has finally opened the door and taken off the mask they put on you, and you’re allowed to finally breathe fresh air. You look in the mirror and you ask, “Who is this person? Where has she been? I never knew she existed!” A whole new world opens up for you, a world created by discovering the freedom in your why.

Tips to Help Find Your Why

·         Seek God in prayer for your purpose and guidance.

·         Journal your thoughts and creative ideas as they come.

·         Get to know yourself by spending time alone

·         Gradually start networking with other women with like minds and sharp instinct.

Finding the freedom in your why will not always be easy, but I believe that as women, we have a lot to offer, and the best way to offer it is by discovering why we exist and then boldly going forth in pursuit of it. Ladies, it’s time to come out from behind the shadow of others and to finally walk by faith in your why. I am cheering for you, and I know that once you find the freedom in your why, you will soar!

My name is Rita Taylor, and I was born and raised in Texas. I’m the former radio host of The Living on Purpose Midmorning Show, and I am currently a Playwright, Producer, and Director who has a passion for women, especially those who are broken. I love to pray, inspire, encourage, and assist in motivating others to be the best individuals they can be.