Disney Lovers Unite!

We love Disney movies here at Hope, and we’re excited for these upcoming releases!


Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Under the Sea

There’s a lot of hubbub going on under the sea about Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and Hope is excited to see not one, but TWO adaptations of the fun-loving musical coming up! Last month, Disney cast Halle Bailey as Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of the movie, and now ABC has announced a televised performance of The Little Mermaid Live! on Tuesday, November 5th, in which Auli’i Cravalho stars as Ariel and Queen Latifah plays Ursula! Hope loves Disney movies, and we are so excited to see Disney finally casting women of color in prominent live-action roles! We just know these performances are gonna be amazing, and we can’t wait to be “part of their world”!

Photo: Disney Information

Photo: Disney Information

She’ll Bring Honor to Them All!

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for its live-action remake of Mulan, and it looks stunning! The movie stars Yifei Liu as Mulan, and it retells the sixth-century Chinese Ballad of Mulan. The tale details the life of Hua Mulan, who takes her father’s place in the Chinese army by posing as a man in order to fulfill the mandate for able-bodied men to fight. The movie apparently takes a more somber look at the story, and leaves out elements of the animated movie such as musical numbers and characters like Mushu and Shang. Many fans of the animated movie have expressed disappointment over these omissions, but we at Hope are excited to see a movie that honors the Chinese culture and expresses a less white-washed version of the tale of Mulan. Furthermore, it appears that the movie will focus more on Mulan’s relationship with her father and her mission to save China, rather than her love life, which is a refreshing take! And with a strong female director like Niki Caro, how can the movie go wrong?

Movie Review

Photo: Star2

Photo: Star2

The Lion King

I went to see The Lion King this weekend, and let me tell you, the cinematography was breathtaking! The animators of this movie must have worked tirelessly to recreate the African topography, complete with every detail accounted for: bugs, birds, rocks, stunning sunsets, and more. I was absolutely blown away with the utter beauty in each painstakingly-constructed scene. I truly felt like I was seeing Africa right before my eyes! And the animals, oh goodness, the animals! They looked so utterly real, with each whisker and piece of fur in glorious definition, and the movements of the animals were so fluid and natural. The cinematographers deserve copious amounts of awards, in my opinion, for all their excruciating hard work! 

And what a cast! A Disney movie with a huge cast filled with people of color is something that needs to be celebrated! The pure talents of the cast were obvious, with the voices of Beyonce and Donald Glover showcased beautifully in “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” I was especially impressed with JD McCrary’s voicing of Young Simba; he made the character come to life with his beautiful singing! Also, the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa was a blessing to hear, his powerful voice exuding strength as always. 

That said, I was a little underwhelmed with the plot of the movie. I was hoping that the plot would be changed up a bit in order to keep the audience guessing, as many live-action remakes do; however, the plot stayed almost exactly the same, with the songs and lines delivered in very similar ways to the animated movie. Furthermore, the animals in the movie moved exactly as animals do in real life, which was mesmerizing, but also difficult to engage with, as it was almost impossible to tell what emotions the characters were conveying by looking at their faces. 

So, in short, The Lion King remake is a breathtaking movie filled with glorious talent; however, if you’re expecting to see a uniquely different movie than that of the animated version, you may be slightly disappointed like I was. 

Briana Rooke realizes the impact that media have on their audiences, particularly people in the audiences who find themselves underrepresented in society, and she seeks to analyze media in a way that lets those voices be heard. When she’s not interning at Hope for Women or scrutinizing media, Briana enjoys reading classic books like Les Miserables, drinking blueberry tea, and cuddling with her black cat, Selina. She believes that someday stories will truly save the world.