The Power of Pain

The power of pain—those words don’t seem to make sense, but they’re true. In life, it is impossible to escape being hurt or experiencing pain of some sort, be it the pain that you feel as you work out daily, the pain in your tooth prior to a dentist office visit, or the pain of a loved one’s death. Believe it or not, pain in all its forms produces power, and that power produces purpose.

For example, the pain that you feel as you work out fuels an endurance within you that you might not truly realize until the day you sprint out the door to stop your child from going into the street, and you notice how fast you’ve run and how you’re not out of breath. That pain from exercising produces a stamina, strength, and fortitude within you that eventually allows you to see that you are much stronger than you think. You might feel empowered to start that business!

The pain from that toothache that brought you to your knees might finally inspire you to take a much-needed day off to focus on self-care. That toothache and dental visit are God’s way of getting you to notice that you are important and that self-care is necessary—it’s important to stop and take time to care for yourself!

That terrible and unfortunate pain of losing your loved one produces new-found strength within you through countless nights of prayer and reading God’s word; a strength which can assist you in coping with the fact that you no longer hear your loved one’s voice. Your pain might bring you into a relationship with God with an intimacy that is unparalleled, a relationship that can bring the strength, revelation, and joy of what God has always had in store for you. (A relationship that unfortunately wasn’t realized until your perspective shifted due to the pain).

No matter how extreme these examples seem, I have found that in every scenario in which I have endured great physical, mental, or emotional pain, there was always a hidden jewel of strength produced. There is always a purpose to our pain, and normally we cannot identify it until we are on the other side of it. When things happen within our lives that are hurtful, they are normally an indication of something much greater on the horizon. If you will allow it, pain becomes the very power necessary to propel you into your purpose! Pain, although most times not from God, can be used by Him for our good to bring about change within us and direct us to our inevitable purpose in life. Pain propels us to purpose and the evolution of us!

Romans 8:28, AMPC: “We are assured and know that [[a]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.

Tiffany Patton is the Host, Executive Producer, Self Love Strategist and LifeCoach of the nationally-syndicated podcast On the Go with Tiffany Patton, which can be heard on IHeartradio, Spotify, iTunes, and all Amazon Alexa products.