Falling in Line


As we are approaching fall, I’m often reminded of why I love the changing seasons. Some of you may not get to experience them like we do in Tennessee, but the change of weather evokes a change of heart for this southern gal. It’s something I can count on happening—there will always be beautiful rebirth in the spring after a long drab winter, a sense of relaxation with hot summer temps, and a beautiful fall ushering us toward the holidays. I even look forward to the cold winter that carries us into the new year! With each changing season, a newness is born in me as well.

For me—as a home décor blogger—my job is to create beauty with each season. It’s a true purpose of mine to share the intention and creativity behind creating a home, especially throughout the seasons. As we are approaching fall, let me take you through my design decisions and share a few tips with you to prepare you for the season.



Decide in your home where you would like to see décor for each season. Every home looks different, but I guarantee that if you decorate a few main areas for the holidays, you will feel accomplished for sure. Here are a few suggestions for some holiday decorating:

  • Add a wreath or decorative treatment to the front door.

  • Add planters, pumpkins, or small trees to adorn the porch.

  • Dress up your mantel with things like garlands, candlesticks, wreaths, and twinkle lights.

  • Add a tiered tray or small decorative objects to a coffee table or end tables (like pumpkins for fall, etc).

  • Decorate your eating areas. Add a large centerpiece of faux florals to your dining room, or set table settings for a fun dinner.



Once you know where you want to decorate, evaluate what you have. If you are like me, you tend to forget what’s been stuffed away for a year or what you bought on clearance the year prior. Lay out what you have with those key places to decorate in mind and then think about what else you might need.



Try and think cohesively. If your home is decorated with navy and leather touches, forgo the traditional fall colors of orange and rust and work with the colors you already have. There are so many color options with pumpkins—yes, even navy ones—and other fall décor! Make your existing décor blend with holiday décor; you’ll be surprised at how this helps blend everything new and old together. Try to keep that in mind when buying new items or when decorating. The biggest compliment I get is that my home is cohesive with its original décor and my choices for the holidays.



Consider how much you want to spend on holiday décor. I’ve seen some beautiful fall leaf garlands made from brown lunch sacks, and I’ve seen ornate garlands that cost hundreds of dollars, too. It all depends on what is in your budget and where you like to shop. My go-to holiday supply stores are always Hobby Lobby and T.J. Maxx. These two places are full of inspiration at decent prices!



Have fun decorating! I personally look to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve also found over the years that if I have some quiet time alone in places like Hobby Lobby, I can choose one item that stands out to me and build on that item for the upcoming season’s décor. You will notice in my photos that I used a scarf for my table centerpiece. I loved the colors in the scarf and worked with those colors in my fall florals to bring out a cohesiveness in my designs.

Note to readers—even when I am decorating, I often get overwhelmed. I still have to walk away mid-design and let it sit for a while, then I come back and play some more. It’s okay to be patient until it’s what you genuinely love.


I hope these tips help launch you into the next season with joy and hope. Just as the seasons change, so do the opportunities and circumstances in our lives. I think the reliability of seasons is comforting when so many seasons of life aren’t. Here’s to creativity and having fun within the home!

Rachel is a Nashvillian stay at home mom turned momtrepreneur. Most days you can find her in a messy bun and yoga pants wrangling two boys while running a real estate business, homeschooling, DIYing, and keeping up with my passions. She is most passionate in life about her faith, her three men, writing, and serving silently behind the scenes. She’s an introvert gone socialmediavert and when she’s not busy you can find her... well never not busy. Check her out on instagram at @crateandcottage or on her site at www.crateandcottage.com