Home is where the Girlfriends Gather


Life is not meant to be lived alone.

We live in sunny Florida with our last child in high school, and I know we will be empty nest-ers soon. So, in 2015 I created what I call my “Girlfriend Gatherings” and invited seven women over for dinner that I had met in my community. I love to entertain, and during the gatherings, I encouraged and motivated women in the intimate setting of my home.

To gather with women in my home or theirs allowed us to share life together and to glean from each other’s life experiences. I remember a few years ago when I had a Girlfriend Gathering of seven women, and the theme of this gathering was “Dessert for Dinner.” We wore all white, and each girlfriend brought a dessert from their cultural background; then, we made girly drinks and shared life together! Unity lead us to share life experiences with freedom in a safe environment. All manner of things were expressed, and we had breakthroughs during our time together.

I adore being a “WOMAN!” and I like being of service to women. Just yesterday, I was asked to assist a woman unpack items for her home because she was stressed after finding out her husband had stage-four kidney cancer. The friend that made the request was going through her own personal issues at home, and she felt that the three of us should get together. So, I interceded with prayer while decorating their home, and oh, what a blessing those three hours were! To share God and unpack items in a beautiful setting was one of the opportunities I love about life. I prayed over us, and we ended our time with lunch. Opportunities to share with women will never get old!

So, here are a few tips on how to plan your own “Girlfriend Gathering”:

  • Choose a theme that will inspire you and your girlfriend, such as “Desserts for Dinner”, “Fishy Friday,” or “Savory Saturday.” You can prepare the food, or you can request that your friends bring items.

  • Decide on a comfortable outfit. I love to color coordinate photo opportunities to show unity! Floral tops, jumpsuits, or (as I have done before) pajamas. Yes, the gathering can be fun and interesting!

  • Select your menu and decorate your tables in the theme of the “Girlfriend Gathering.” For example, at my “Dessert for Dinner” gathering, I used white flowers to adorn the table and enhance our evening.

  • Make sure as the host of these intimate gatherings that you provide gifts. There is nothing like giving a gift to a new person entering your home! I always keep my authored books and candles on hand to give away.

  • Some of the women may not want to share, and that is okay! This gathering is open for those who want to share and those who don’t.

Plan one of these life changing moments and share with me your experience at mauritasuttonbrown@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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