Real Women, Real Inspiration: 6 Women Share How They Find Inspiration Everyday

Have you ever stared at your computer screen or mindlessly scrolled through Twitter while trying to come up with an idea? (Insert raising hand emoji here). That’s pretty much what I did for the last ten minutes—okay, two hours—while thinking about this assignment.

For me, the longer I focus on something, the less I can actually come up with anything good. It’s like inspiration is hiding from me, waiting until I least expect it, and then suddenly popping into my brain. (Praise the Lord for waterproof shower notes!) So, whenever I am stressed or need to find my inner creative queen (love her!), I distract myself by drawing in my bullet journal, getting lost in a novel, or playing with blocks with my little ones. (I could say the blocks cure my writer’s block, but I’ll spare you.)

This got me wondering: What do other fearless and amazing women do to find their inspiration? Here are a few of the responses I’ve received (some have been edited for grammar or shortened for space).

Charlotte L.

“I carve out an hour for myself each week and get a $35 massage. I am at my most creative then. Totally relaxed. My only problem? I often come up with so many great ideas that it is hard to remember them until the end of the massage!”

Lanisha H.

“In the shower, but mostly driving listening to inspirational music.”

Lizi G.

“I definitely feel the most inspired in the morning! I love to wake up early, curl up on my couch with a big cup of coffee, and read. After I’ve finished my reading is when I usually have the best ideas! I always keep a notebook nearby to jot down whatever is inspiring me.”

Renee M.

“I was swimming in the pool and thought to myself, ‘How much could I accomplish and do in life if I didn’t let fear hold me back?’ I always find peace and inspiration near the water or beach.”

Stacy M.

“I’m most inspired when I’m at one with nature. Whether I’m on a beach; sitting at my desk watching eagles, deer, turtles, or sunsets; or at outdoor dinners with friends; that’s what gets my mind churning.”

Tonikia S.

“Driving in my car, listening to Gospel [music] helps me to put things in perspective.”

Tyshena T.

“I feel most inspired, surprisingly, on the New York City subway. I know most people may think, ‘How, in a smelly, dirty, rat-infested space?’ Even with these unsanitary conditions, this is my ‘me time’ to just dive into my thoughts after I drop my son off at school or on my way to pick him up. The train rides can be very fulfilling. I can get a good nap in (you really can!), catch up on a Netflix show without any interruptions (free train wi-fi), or simply just sit and chill (that’s if you can get a seat!). Even if the train is crowded, I can just zone out and think about my aspirations and dreams. Sometimes, I may see someone wearing a simple button-down shirt in a way I never thought of and I’m inspired. Maybe a songstress will get on the train and sing a beautiful, original song. All of these things make me feel inspired to be original.”

I hope reading this list inspires you to turn off your phone and do something creative!