Some Girl Power for Your Weekend!

Women Supporting Women


This week, U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka defeated Coco Gauff in a riveting tennis match; however, after the match Osaka showed her true sportsmanship when she hugged Gauff, spoke to Gauff’s family, and invited her to a post-game interview. In the interview, Gauff tearfully thanked Osaka and praised her spirit, "For me the definition of an athlete is someone who on the court treats you like your worst enemy but off the court can be your best friend. I think that's what she did tonight." We at Hope absolutely love to see women supporting women, and we’re pumped to see two women of color smashing the competition in the sports world. We recommend that you watch the video of Gauff’s interview--we’re not crying, you’re crying!

Education for Girls

Photo Credit:  ET

Photo Credit: ET

On World Charity Day this week, Michelle Obama promoted her organization Girls Opportunity Alliance on Twitter with an emotional post remembering her school days and lamenting the lack of opportunity for many girls to receive an education around the world. "I believe every girl on the planet deserves the same kind of opportunities that I've had--a chance to fulfill her potential and pursue her dreams. We know that when we give girls a chance to learn, they'll seize it. And when they do, our whole world benefits. Girls who go to school have healthier children, higher salaries, lower poverty rates, and they can even help boost their entire nation's economy." Let’s join Michelle in supporting equal education opportunities for all girls around the world!

An Adorable Rom-Com


If you’re looking for some feel-good fluff this weekend, look no further than Netflix’s Falling Inn Love, an adorable rom-com about Gabriela, a businesswoman from San Francisco who wins a picture-perfect New Zealand inn in an online contest. Glorious antics ensue as Gabriela travels to New Zealand and discovers that the inn is a run-down eyesore, then recruits local contractor Jake to help her fix it up. Can the two overcome their differences in order to construct a beautiful inn and discover their feelings for each other? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out! 

Is this film realistic? No. Does it have a super-layered, amazingly-constructed plot? No. However, this film does contain some wonderful elements! Not only does it star a woman of color, but it also portrays her realistically; not as someone who needs to be saved by a man, but as someone who has to learn to accept help when it is offered. She’s strong, independent, and she makes realistic choices. Furthermore, the female antagonist of the movie, a rival New Zealand inn owner, is not portrayed as a flat two-dimensional woman and shoved into the “villain” category. Instead, she is given layers and realistic feelings, and the viewers come to understand why she acts the way she does. 

All this to say, Falling Inn Love does a great job of portraying women, and though it’s a simplistic rom-com, it’s super fun and amazingly entertaining. (Plus, it contains some dreamy New Zealand accents!) Check it out this weekend on Netflix! 

Briana Rooke realizes the impact that media have on their audiences, particularly people in the audiences who find themselves underrepresented in society, and she seeks to analyze media in a way that lets those voices be heard. When she’s not interning at Hope for Women or scrutinizing media, Briana enjoys reading classic books like Les Miserables, drinking blueberry tea, and cuddling with her black cat, Selina. She believes that someday stories will truly save the world.