A Woman’s Song

Untitled design (4)June is National Black Music Month. Some of my favorite musical artists are the ones who transcend color lines and write music with lyrics that hit directly to the heart of a person. There is some music that hits directly to the heart of a woman, rendering hope and goodness in ways that transcend class, race and even religion. Here are a few that come to mind: • Carole King’s “A Natural Woman” as sung by her or the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin • Ashford & Simpson’s “I’m Every Woman” as sung by the fiery Chaka Khan • “Respect” written by Otis Redding and recorded by Aretha Franklin • Nina Simone singing “Feeling Good” • And a recent anthem, “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

I’m willing to bet that one of the songs listed above has touched your soul or made you smile at one time or another. Maybe you have your own playlist of songs. Whatever the case, a woman needs a song in her heart.

A woman’s song can be about self-empowerment or comfort. A woman’s song can be the very thing that captures our joy in ways unimaginable. A woman’s song can encourage dancing if no other place than in our own heads.

Recently, a friend shared that her friend had lost a niece, nephew and sister-in-law in an apartment fire. She posted a video of the iconic Sweet Honey in the Rock singing “Women Gather” to her Facebook wall to express the inexpressible.

“The women gather crying tears that fill a million oceans It doesn't matter where you're living, The women gather crying tears that fill a million oceans It doesn't matter where you're living The women gather”

There is a video of a Nigerian women’s choir singing songs of praise and comfort to the mothers, families and friends of the 300-plus girls that have been kidnapped by the Boko Haram.

From both situations we can assume that music – a woman’s song – can be of great comfort and healing.

Obviously, my hope is that those girls are returned alive and well. I also hope that the mourning and fretful mothers are comforted until that day.

Question: Do you have a woman’s song that speaks to your soul?

If the answer is yes, please share it below or tweet a link of it to us at @hopemag on Twitter. Let’s do what we can to keep one another encouraged, especially with a song.