April Lee Hernandez: The Dream Chaser

AprilHead_HII will never forget watching The Freedom Writers. Who didn’t love watching Oscar winner Hillary Swank portray the role of Erin Gruwell in this movie that was based on the book The Freedom Writers Dairy in 2007? HELLO?! Patrick Dempsey played her husband—and he wasn’t very nice in the role, might I add, but has made up for it since. It was the spunky, tough Latina sister April Lee Hernández who captured my attention. It was the first time I’d ever seen her on screen but said, “That girl has talent, and this isn’t the last we’ve seen or heard of her.” In 2010, I found out that a publicist friend of mine was representing GUESS WHO? Yes, April. I thought, “OMG, she would make an awesome cover for Hope.” Then I found out the best part: she is a believer and LOVES sharing her faith. She agreed to be featured in the magazine, and I discovered she is one of the coolest women ever. Her personality and spirit are simply contagious. I love and appreciate her, because she has supported Hope and me in prayer ever since that day! I’m pleased to announce that April Lee Hernandez is one of our fantastic ‪#‎livedreaminspire2015‬ Conference speakers.

AprilLeeWe all have had to overcome obstacles in our lives, and sometimes it feel like we don’t have voices, because no one is willing to listen. Words are powerful! It is time to discover your voice—the one that says, “I can make my dreams come true, no matter the situation.” In this session, you will discover what your gifts and talents are and create a vision/mission statement to work toward making your dreams become reality.

I’m so excited to have women who have connected with Hope and me along this journey. These are women who have shared platforms with some of the most influential people in the world, and for one weekend they’re coming to Indianapolis, Ind., to pour into YOU! Imagine having a one-on-one conversation with today’s new women of inspiration.

You must check out this powerful video, I Am Woman, featuring April Lee Hernandez. This is who WE are!


These are the type of women who will be in your presence July 17–18. So much energy and power! This conference will be too good to miss!