April Showers bring May Flowers

The storms you’re facing won’t last forever. They come to make you stronger!I absolutely love spring! I love watching the leaves slowly sprout through the branches and bloom with such vigor, and I truly enjoy being able to run outside with my daughter, Summer Rose, without wearing heavy coats, hats and gloves. There is a freedom that flows through the spring air that resonates to the soul. But, interestingly enough, as I sit and ponder about spring and the whole saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” the first thing that comes to mind is the word storm.

Have you ever been in a position where you set your mind to do something to move forward in life and took a leap of faith, then in a flash, a storm comes to knock you right off your feet? I mean, you are declaring everything to go right, crossing every T and dotting every I. But you are in the eye of the storm, and all you can do is run for cover. Well, we are no different from the blooming flowers that had to endure the heavy rainstorms and cloudy days in April. I continue to realize God’s plans are never what we think they are going to be. God may give you a word for your future, and I truly believe when God speaks it will happen. But we rarely know how He is going to do it. I would dare to say that 99 percent of the time, it is never how we think it should be.

Right now, I am going through an intense storm—one I did not forecast. Before the storm arrived, I was on a pretty good roll. I wrote every day, worked out five days a week, served as one of the main speakers at my church’s women’s conference--dreaming bigger than ever and feeling pretty awesome. Then, the storm came and rocked my world. A little more than two weeks ago, my mother landed into the hospital. She has been very sick for quite some time. Now, we have been to the hospital many times before with her, so my family was sort of used to it. She went home after a week’s stay, and then on a Sunday morning, my father called and said he was rushing my mother back to the hospital. My heart and mind raced a mile a minute. I thought things were better, until we received news my mother had to go into emergency surgery. I held my mother’s hand and just wept—she looked so weak and fragile. I did my best to remain strong in front of her, but I just couldn’t contain my tears. She told me to be strong. I left the room, and we all waited that night of the surgery. I truly thought I was going to lose my mother. I cried and prayed. Praise God, she made it out of surgery and is in recovery. But I am still in the storm.

I once heard a preacher say, “When life heats up, God shows up.” Well, I know God is with my family, as most of them have been seeking Him like never before. I can tell you the last few weeks of April have been some of my darkest moments. I share my most intimate story with you because maybe you are in a storm right now and can barely see the flowers blooming. You might be thinking, “How did I even get to this place? Will I ever get out of it?” The answer is, “Yes.” God is in the business of building one’s character, and in order to build character, sometimes we must endure things that will test our faith and push us beyond our limits. We have to get to the place where our faith is solely dependent on God.

I know we would rather have some things come to us without all of the pain and suffering, but how would we have testimonies without the tests? Just like the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” your breakthrough is right around the corner. Stand up with your hands in the air, and praise Him through the storm!