Be Content! Period.

5120138It all started with having a conversation and brainstorming session with myself. I woke up thinking the same thing as I did when I went to sleep. How do I make this happen? Let me clarify a few things. I know many of you that follow Hope or have followed for an extended time may think “she is making it happen.” It probably does seem that way, and it may be safe to say that I am making it happen. However, it’s certainly not as easy-walking as it seems. What I mean is that each day I wake up and work on Hope, I do so with a challenge. The challenge that I face, as with most start-ups, is revenue to fuel the dream and vision. I mean, I personally think Hope is fabulous, incredible, and just flat-out amazing. For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out WHY after all these years, countless emails, phone calls and follow-ups, I’m still fighting the same battle. So, in my brainstorming session with myself, I had to take a deep breath and be real. Maybe these aren’t the leads for the Hope reader at this time, and these companies, although MAJOR and you see them in some of today’s top magazines, they simply aren’t the connections that God wants me to make in correspondence to the vision He gave me. That’s just it. The lesson here is learning to be content with what you already have. Here’s the deal - Hope is a small business and is daily working hard to grow, and would break out in a happy dance in a second with the right partnership. I know it’s coming, and I can’t allow myself to become discouraged by failing to keep up with the Joneses.

I recently had an awesome empowering conversation with a dear friend. We often share what God has done in our lives and give love and support to one another. In the conversation, she talked about how Hope is making major moves and she strives to be like the brand. All while hearing her say such endearing words, I could only think about the overwhelming issues and challenges that I face. I thought about how if I had ONE advertiser commit to $15,000, it would send the entire Hope team into a dance of praise.

I’m still claiming it!

I had an aha moment, though. I thought to myself, Angie you have awakened every day with the same goal and mission for 9 years, and that’s to provide Hope to your readers. You have provided them with what really matters for their soul. It’s been a real experience, not superficial. You’ve built solid relationships with the vendors/readers you do have and those same vendors share the same vision. Your readers are your friends and you have conversations with them. They’re not just a number, but they’re real. You desire them to really get out of debt and offer ways to inspire their faith walk daily. You make women feel amazing and that they can accomplish anything, because they can. Just to think, after all this time, I have been looking at this process all wrong.

Moral of it all -- Whether it’s 5 or 500,000, be content.