Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance

Don’t hesitate to help others through mentorship and volunteering.I thank God for the opportunities I have had to make difference in the lives of others. I, too, am grateful for all of the individuals who have made wonderful impacts in my life. I have learned throughout my career that, for people who are younger or maybe less experienced than I, when I shared my knowledge and experiences I realized that I could potentially change the world for those individuals.

Hebrews 13:16 says, “Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” How true this verse is! So often we become busy in our careers, thinking only about our outstanding accomplishments and successes, that we don’t realize that sharing our skills, abilities and talents can impact the individuals living within our communities.

Recently, a friend (I will call her Lena) shared with me her experiences of beginning her career in public relations. Lena explained how difficult it was and how unwilling so many of her counterparts were to share their experiences and successes with her. She even had someone tell her that being a public relations profession meant that she had to possess a certain amount of “moxie,” a characteristic that she believed Lena did not possess. Lena became discouraged and even contemplated not pursuing her passion of becoming a successful public relations professional. No one was willing to offer Lena her time or advice. Everyone Lena encountered was “too busy” or would make appointments to meet with her only to cancel at the last minute. I can’t imagine how hurtful it must’ve been for her! But, you know what they say—“You may hear 1,000 ‘nos’ before you hear that one ‘yes!’”

Much to Lena’s surprise, she reconnected with a woman whom she had worked with briefly a year prior. Lena credits this woman as giving her guidance, prayer and her first opportunity into the industry—which finally give her the chance of success. Lena is now the public relations director at one of the top women’s magazines and credits her successes to the woman she considers her mentor.

It is my belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed! Why not lend a hand to those who reach out to you? Whether through volunteering or mentoring, the involvement of helping others contributes your success as you learn new skills, share special knowledge and expand your competencies and visibility—all by helping others and building relationships that will help your business and career. But the greatest reward is this: knowing that you inspired someone to pursue her dreams, goals and passions! Many of us have come from humble beginnings. None of us began our professional journey at the top. We’ve all experienced trials and have learned valuable lessons along the way—so pay it forward by setting time aside to volunteer or mentor, providing support when and where it is needed. The joy of witnessing the success of others and knowing that you played a pivotal part in the process of their successes is so very priceless!