The Circle of Life

ANGELIA_187"Long as I've got King Jesus, I don't need nobody else!" Many of us sang along, clapped and danced to the beat as gospel artist Vickie Winans belted out those lyrics with her melodic voice. We shouted, “Amen!” in agreement that Jesus was all we needed, and as long as we "got" Him, everyone else could basically kick rocks. Well, maybe not so straightforwardly, but you get the point.

The song pretty much told us that people, who are all a part of God's creation and plan, were not necessarily important factors in our life. We didn't need them, and we would be perfectly fine without them. While that is partially true, I can no longer fully agree. Absolutely so, the wrong people can stay on the other side of the fence; however, there are those right people whose destiny is intertwined with ours. They are vital components to us accomplishing particular assignments and tasks in our life, and vice versa.

We may have King Jesus, but we also need somebody else. We need people, but not in a desperate I-won't-survive-thrive-or-succeed-without-you kind of way. We need those whom He has divinely designed to be a part of our journey through life as we endeavor to be and do all that He has purposed for us. It is so important to have those people in your life, and you certainly need King Jesus to show you exactly who they are.

Connecting with the wrong people, whether in business, spirituality, or love and relationship can be detrimental and will crush you in more ways than one. Having the wrong connections in your life can, in an instant, tear down every single dream, hope and belief you've built. That's why it is imperative to follow the instructions shared in Proverbs 3:5-6 that admonishes us to acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways and allow Him to direct our paths.

But don't we do that, though? Make connections with people and give them full access to our heart, visions and dreams, and then later end up regretting the day we ever said, “Hello”? It happens. We don't always make wise choices. Many times, we make them out of haste and desperation. Then, we end up with a mess on our hands.

Mess-ups doesn't mean we give up.

Perhaps you made the mistake of inviting the wrong kind of people in your life -- those with ulterior motives, deceitful hearts, hidden agendas and false personalities -- and you've had to hurt and suffer because of it. Don't lose your human desire for human connection. We all need it. Believe in your heart that there are genuine, loyal, loving, supportive people that God has assigned to your journey - to help you in life, in business, in ministry and in love.

As long as we've got King Jesus and God-ordained relationships, we don't need nobody else.

(Photo Credit: Tom Fouch)