The Search for Hope Through…

pink-ribbon_3054334bCancer. A universally terrifying word. We hear stories, participate in fundraising events, and pray that it does not happen to us. But your world instantly changes when you find that someone you love has to put up the fight. Your world changes when that person passes out from exhaustion during a walk to the next room. Your world changes when you hold them in your arms, not knowing if they will make it to the next day or hour. Your world changes when you have to watch them slowly lose their faith in the world as the days pass. It is an indescribable feeling to watch someone you care for fade away. And it's even worse when you have no power to stop it.

But, in these moments we do not have to sit back and let sadness take over our lives. We can decide to make changes and take action for those who have lost their ability to do so.

I did this by intently researching food. I knew what we consumed had major affects on how our bodies function; But, I had no idea just how much. I learned about the different chemicals that are in our foods (some chemicals that are illegal in other countries). I found that certain ingredients are even linked to horrible diseases, like cancer. I learned about how food is marketed to the consumer, and how the food industry strategically markets unhealthy foods to make money, not to keep you well. I quickly began to realize that all of this valuable information was not common knowledge. Many people are not informed about the harmful ingredients that are in most of their favorite foods.

After all of this research, I ended up adapting a more natural and organic lifestyle. I found that my skin looked brighter. I had the energy to go out and talk to people. I got more accomplished in my day. I could feel my outlook on life shift in a momentous way. I could sense that the changes I made gave me hope in this world rather than resentment. There was a sense of empowerment in my newfound knowledge. I still love finding out new information and spreading it to those around me. Through committing to finding out all that I could, I felt like I was doing something worthwhile for my loved one. I would take it upon myself to alter an aspect of my life that they could not go back and redo. We cannot change some feats that our loved ones are dealt with, but we can continue to search for hope in every situation. I found hope through exploration and action. Where will you look next?