Welcome 2014


The close of a year always brings me to a place of reflection. During this time of preparing to enter into a new year, I always take time to look back over the previous months to assess my growth, analyze my failures, recap my victories, and strategize on how to use it all to become better as I go forward. While recently reflecting, I jotted down a list of things I like to call "What Matters Most to Angelia." I'll share them with you.

Trust. You can't trust all people, but there are definitely people that God has destined to be a part of your life who are indeed trustworthy. I learned to pray before placing my hope within others or making connections, and, in doing so, I saved myself some unnecessary disappointment. Granted, that lesson was only learned through trial and error; however, going forward, I'll be much wiser in that area.

Saying No. You cannot be all things to all people, and there is nothing wrong with understanding your limits, setting boundaries and saying no. Not even God gives a yes all the time.

The Importance of Family. God, FAMILY, everything else. In that order. Being career-minded and vision-focused, we can sometimes put our family on the back-burner and assume they understand having to miss out on the blessing of our presence in their life. This is a no-no. Family must come before all other things, because at the end of the day, when everything else is gone, they will still be there. Nurture them.

Loving God at All Times. That speaks for itself. God is so faithful to us, even when we are undeserving. We should always strive to be consistent in our love and devotion to Him.

Being Okay With Falling and Accepting That It's Part of the Process. Nobody likes to admit when they get it wrong, but boy have I gotten it so wrong throughout my journey this year. I've learned that instead of crying over spilled milk  and wallowing in it, to just clean it up and discover ways to avoid future spillage. Falling strengthens our get-back-up ability. If you think about it, it only makes you better.

Keeping My Word. You are only as good as your word. If you can't keep a promise, don't make it. Integrity is everything. Simple as that.

Accepting Me For Who I Am -- Flaws and All. I haven't always loved or liked the woman I am. I spent precious time trying to appease everyone else's opinion of who they thought I should be, and missed the beauty of who I truly am. Not anymore. I'm a new woman who loves every bit of myself. You should too.

Life is a learning ground. If you allow the happenings of life to make you better and not bitter, you'll see that in every situation you encounter, there is a valuable lesson to be learned that, if extracted and applied, will make you an even more amazing you.