Who’s on Your Row?

Make sure you’re doing life with people who make you a better youWhen you’re a kid in school, you often find yourself sitting in rows—for assemblies, at pep rallies and then finally, at graduation. A lot of the time, you don’t get to pick where you sit because you’re assigned your seat (usually alphabetically), and you end up sitting by people you didn’t exactly choose. And then, you grow up, and things change.

As adults, we get to select those individuals who will sit on our rows—those friends, family members and loved ones we know will always be right there with us to guide us and support us in whatever we do. Most recently, I’ve learned just how much I need those people in my life. I truly and honestly need those selfless individuals who are going to make sure I get back up when I fall down.

I need them to cry with me when there’s a need for tears. I need them to laugh with me when I am overcome with a fit of humor. I need them to rejoice with me when there is much to celebrate. I need them to let me vent when I’m angry and upset. I need them to listen when I simply need to talk. I need them to tell me that everything will be okay when it feels like my world is falling apart. I need them to cheer for me when I’m pursuing my dreams. I need them to believe in me even when those dreams don’t come true when I want them to.

And I need them always on my row.

We all need these row-sitters in our lives, and we need to be row-sitters for them, as well. It’s about love and respect. It’s about true friendship. It’s about being there for one another during whatever life throws our way. We love one another—flaws and everything—and we prove that love by showing up on each other’s rows every single day.

I’ve battled many things in life, including depression, confidence issues and just trying to find the general desire to be happy. One key thing I have learned is that some people will stick by you in all of those situations, while others will pick and choose when they want to walk alongside you. The latter of those don’t belong on your row—they belong several rows behind you.

I deserve the very best for my life. You deserve the best for yours. It’s simply a matter of being honest with yourself and protecting your space—your peace and joy. Protect your row!

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