Your Invisible Crown

crown21There’s a popular meme making its way around the social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It simply states, “Always wear your invisible crown.” The photo accompanying that saying is a beautiful crown resting on a pillow. I have to believe that the person who created this meme had no idea of its popularity or its encouragement. Perhaps, he or she was trying to encourage their self. June is such a hopeful and hope filled month. It is the month of weddings, graduations, vacations, and June 21 is the first day of summer. This leads me back to the crown meme.

June is an exciting and hopeful month, but it is also a month that wreaks havoc on a woman’s self-esteem and spirit. We cringe at the thought of wearing a bathing suit when we don’t feel good about our bodies. We become sad thinking of the wedding we’ve never had, if we are single. Married women think of the stale state of their marriages and wish they could reclaim either their singleness or their newlywed days. A child moving slowly towards accomplishment and a path of their own will remind us of all of our failures as a parent. A sparse savings account will throw a wrench in vacation plans.

We will look around us and see everything in the world that reminds us of what we believe is wrong with us and our worlds. We will be hard on ourselves. We will be saddened about something that we cannot control or change. We will beat ourselves up for not living up to a standard we didn’t create for ourselves.

Enter the invisible crown.

Like you, I have to tell myself that my life has value and meaning above and beyond what I see, what I’ve failed to do, what others say about me. So …

The next time you look at your body and feel awful, put on your invisible crown and take a walk around the block or dance in the privacy of your own home. The next time you feel the sting of being unmarried, put on your invisible crown and make plans to do something you’d enjoy by yourself and for yourself. The next time you feel inadequate because that vacation plan has turned into a staycation plan, put on your invisible crown and patrol Pinterest for creative ways to relax and have recreation on a budget. The next time you are inclined to take the blame for your late blooming child, put on your invisible crown and resurrect a personal interest that could possibly serve as motivation to them and make you feel good too.

We cannot wait for others or circumstances to validate us. Being here and present is validation enough. When in doubt: Always wear your invisible crown.