Air to Grow

Enjoying the sunReplace scarcity thinking with air and allow your life to grow. There was a trend last year to rid ourselves of having a scarcity mind-set. The world is abundant and there is more than enough for everyone. Yup, living in scarcity is passé. Living in scarcity wasn’t just about things; it was about all that we do. Brene Brown calls it “…living in the not enough”. Staying at a job because we are afraid this is the only job available to us. Not asking for more responsibility, instead believing what you are doing is all you can handle. Walking away from your yearly review without mentioning a raise because you should just be grateful for what you have. The scarcity mentality has imprisoned many people in a life that isn’t really designed to hold them. And as always, the buzz tells you what to stop doing but doesn’t give you much to put in the empty place. Fill it with air. Webster defines Air as empty space; nothingness.

If you fill the empty places where you rid yourself of scarcity with air, what would you have? You would have a limitless life. Air has no boundaries. It, when not man-made, is pure and fresh and free; don’t you just love the last part? If you try to fill a room with air, you still have no idea if you have more room or not. Isn’t that great? A source that has no end or beginning. Now, if we fill the space with air, that means we are open. Air can’t come into a closed space. You are open. You are not shuttered up, meekly peeking out from behind curtains or a chained door. Step into the new of the career waiting for you. Asking for more responsibility could lead to managing other projects. It could lead to training others on the best practices for their next project. The position at the other company may turn out to be a career twist you never imagined. It could open a door to a skill you haven’t visited about yourself since high school. Yes, it does happen. Asking for a raise may get you some “work from home” time instead, which may mean one less day to pay for daycare.

Openness coupled with limitlessness is the makings of a life filled with possibilities. You now have the space to go after the career you secretly always wanted. You’ve wanted it, now go get it. What is in your way? You have only air and space in your life. Take the risk at work, speak up, lean in, and thrive all in the same day. The outcome is in your favor.

This thinking is beyond fearless living. This thinking is about being fully in the space of air to expand into all of what you want and are destined to be. Spread your wings, inhale and live…..