10 Ways to Get Promoted This Year


Selena Rezvani, a best-selling author and respected leadership consultant, argues that our lack of self-advocacy is one the biggest things. Since men initiate discussions about their future four times more often than women, she sat down with us to offer tips on how to hold your own and reach your goals at work this year. See the world as negotiable

Have the courage to ask for what you want. You don’t have to just accept what is given to you. If it is important to you, it is worth a further conversation.

Define what you want

Are you looking for more responsibility, more money, a new title? Define what you’re looking for and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Negotiate even if there isn’t precedent.

Do a role-play with someone you trust

Women report two and half times the apprehension that men do in negotiating. Sit down with someone you trust and role play with them. You’ll get comfortable with having your ideas refuted and will get to practice your answers.

Talk to your network

Sit down and think about your boss’ communication style. If you aren’t sure, ask around. Prepare your argument in a way that makes sense to them, whether they are very analytical or like to keep things casual. Prepare your argument as if they themselves said it.

Open assertively

As women, we typically suffer from low expectations in negotiating. We aim too low in explaining what we want and deserve, leaving us disappointed. Start with an outcome that will thrill you, not just satisfy you.

Don’t be intimidated by authority

We tend to overestimate the power of the person we are talking to and underestimate our own. Walk in to negotiating as peers; be equal and approach the conversation as if two people are sitting down to solve a problem that will end in agreement.

Don’t wait for a performance review  

Money and promotions have already been divvied up by this point. Instead, request a meeting when you have the most leverage like after finishing a big project and exceeding expectations, or getting an accolade from senior management.

Don’t give in too soon

When negotiating, don’t give in just because you get resistance.  Get comfortable with drawing out the conversation and not surrendering. Ask deep-ended questions like “can you explain why you feel like that,” “how can I help you be more comfortable with this request” or “how can I make this work for both of us?”


Have a plan

Put a plan in writing and have it ready for your boss. Make sure to include an implementation timeline and a process for reviewing the success of your new plan. Having your plan in writing will ensure they don’t have to commit it to memory and can easily share it with other decision makers.

Handling No

If you have tried every maneuver, done your homework and timed it perfectly, there is still a chance that the answer might be no. Train yourself to see a no as not a yes and be resilient. Resolve to try again in the future. If you never hear no, you’re not asking enough.

Want to learn more about how to advocate for yourself in the workplace? Selena Rezvani’s book, Pushback, shines a light on the rules of holding your own and pushing back to secure what is rightfully yours. Focusing on how women can hone their negotiation skills and techniques, Pushback addresses the most pressing questions that professional women face as they prepare to make a stand on tough topics. Learn more at www.selenarezvani.com

By Erica Thomas