Accountability: Something Everyone Can Use

Make sure you have trusted people in your life to provide you with that extra push
Make sure you have trusted people in your life to provide you with that extra push

Many times in life, you need individuals to come alongside you and offer not only support, but wise guidance, as well. Have you given anyone permission to push you in the right direction? I’m talking about someone who has complete faith in your capacity to deliver at the highest level and can literally tell you to, “Suck it up, get over it, stop whining, work hard and do your best.” This person is your place of accountability, and you need it. Accountability is when someone has your permission to hold you liable for your progress and performance.

Accountability ignores your excuses and has no interest in your sob story. It is only interested in you accomplishing what will make you better. Being held accountable is a sure way to achieve your well-defined goals.

Hitch, starring Will Smith, is one of my favorite “comfort” movies. In it, there is a scene when an extremely rich woman is meeting with her trusted board of financial advisors to get their approval for her to make a major purchase with her money. Yes, she is getting permission to spend her own dough because she realizes that financial accountability will empower her to maintain and even grow her wealth. Successful people understand and utilize the principles of accountability. If you really want to go to the next level of success in your career, business, health, family, finances or any other goal, implementing accountability is a must. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Define your goals – Having clear goals is the first step toward progress. You must be clear on where you are going. A well-written goal includes what you want to accomplish, why and by what date or timeframe.

Let go of pride and the need to be independent – Pride and independence will hinder your ability to submit to the process of accountability. Your accountability person must be able to ask you tough questions, and you must be willing to answer.

Discover your motivation – Accountability and motivation are not the same thing. Motivation is an inward purposeful drive to accomplish a goal or task. Accountability is an outward encouragement that comes from another person. Your motivation must be settled before asking someone else for help. Accountability will feel like bullying if you lack self-motivation.

Find someone to serve as accountability for you – Your place of accountability should be strategic and thoughtful. The person must believe in you and be willing to tell you the truth that you may not want to hear. There must be a concrete bond of trust and honesty. You both have to see equal value in the relationship. You have someone to help you reach your goals. The other person has the opportunity to employ his or her skills and expertise.

Your personal growth potential is strongly connected to the level of accountability in your life. You need someone to cheer for you while at the same time telling you to run one more lap--and do it with better form. Accountability will challenge you to reach your goals and create a life that is overflowing with results.