Creating an Inspiring Workspace


Lift your spirits with these energetic cube décor ideas We have all been there… we have all experienced that one job that drags you down and you dread going in. From the stained walls and phones ringing off the hooks, to the annoying buzz of the 90s facsimile machine the company has been holding onto, you feel a wave of anxiety come over you the moment you turn into the parking deck. For those who cannot afford to turn the opposite away and never look back, there are small victories you can claim when you influence your mindset by adding a little feng shui into the mix.

In the spirit of trying to harmonize yourself with your surrounding environment, creating “cube” appeal is the easiest place to start as it creates an opportunity to do something internally when you feel like everything external is beyond your control. According to the Harvard Business Review, spaces can be designed to produce performance outcomes. By changing variables such as décor, air quality, noise, and lighting, you can tweak your workspace to invoke a greater sense of innovation and satisfaction. Who knows, it might even turn a few heads, and get others chatting about small but mighty ways to improve the overall morale. Below are ideas you can use to create an inspiring work ambience to reduce stress and more positively affect your mood and focus while at the office:

Mini Motivators. Begin styling your desk by surrounding yourself with influences that help you feel more peaceful and motivated. Hanging a vision or dream board is a great way to clip or pin inspiring images onto a white, cork, or framed board to serve as a source of daily inspiration when the going gets tough. These images can be a combination of photos of your spouse, children, or pets; dream vacation spots; funny sayings, scriptures or encouraging words; or even thank you notes and praises from customers or colleagues.

Pops of Color. The standard white and gray walls can be suppressive and can foster feelings of insecurity, depression, and lethargy. However, by adding pops of color to your workspace, you can increase your productivity and mental alertness, especially by using warmer or cooler colors (depending on the work). This can be as simple as a having a plant, like an easy-to-maintain succulent, on your desk or placing a small patterned rug under your feet. Live plants and flowers are also known to help filter air pollutants, moderate oxygen levels, and provide for better brain functioning.

Smooth Sounds. In a 2016 study, investigators from Cornell University found that happy, upbeat music can lead employees to be more creative, cooperative, and collaborative. No wonder it feels a little better pushing out that last minute report while jamming out to some smooth jams. Experts agree the use of music as a form of helping people cope with stress can be instrumental to productivity.

Natural Lighting. Those who are fortunate enough to have a desk next to the window know the benefit those golden rays of light can have on visibility. Not only is the added Vitamin D a plus, but natural light has been linked with boosting energy and improving creative skills whereas artificial light has been connected to increased feelings of fatigue. If opening the blinds or a cozy spot by the window is not an option for you, try changing out fluorescent bulbs in desk lamps with LEDs to make your space seem lighter and brighter.

While the above strategies will not solve all your office woes, at the very least these quick upgrades to your workspace will go a long way to helping you feel more confident and inspired as you concoct a grand strategy for your next move.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash