Get a Fresh Start Coming Out of the Blocks


This year, get more balance in both work and life so that you feel more complete. You’ll be able to devote more time each week to your own personal development. As you come out of the starting blocks into a brand new year, take time to set some goals for your career and your life. Remember, your career is just part of your life, not your whole life. Here are some keys to getting a fresh start and really making some changes this year so that you can have a fulfilling career and life:

Don’t live your life by default—live your life by design. Take control of your time and believe you can reach your goals. Resist the urge to be average. Take time to meditate daily and draw near to God. He will draw near to you and give you brilliant ideas to take your life to the next level. Pay attention to the clues God sends your way. Yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Change something. There is power in change. But it takes courage to change, and God will give you the boldness when you sit in His presence. He will direct your path at work and give you witty ideas for a business. Doing the same thing over and over leads to boredom. You want to add creativity to your life? Try different things, and discover new ways to improve your productivity.

Stay fresh in the things of God. Start a Bible study at work. Do a weekly prayer call with your friends before work. Post affirmations as your screen saver. Speak what you seek. The more you really dive into the Word of God and prayer, the less anxious you will be—and you’ll have more creativity and energy. You will get the max out of each and every day because God will redeem your time.

Be inspired. Get enthusiastic about work and your life. Spend time around inspiring people who encourage you. Make sure you do something fun every day and enjoy your life. Don’t just go to work to count the days until your next vacation. Enjoy life every day, and make it your mission to be a pleasant person to be around, too. Network with people who can help you achieve more. Read at least one personal development or motivational book a month.

Let go of excuses. Aim high and involve God in your goal planning. Organize yourself to achieve your goals and press toward the mark. You have to eliminate distractions and go the extra mile at work. Value the process as much as the end result—that means you may not get the results right away or the promotion as soon as you like, but that’s alright. Keep your momentum, and know that God is working things together for your good. You are growing, stretching and preparing for your next level.

You can excel at work and at home, but you have to change some habits and be disciplined to stick with your new habits. Write out your faith confessions for your goals. It’s a new year and an opportunity to begin again. Reach those God-inspired dreams in your heart. Quitting is not an option. Exert the effort, and watch God move on your behalf.