How to Be a Ray of Sunshine in Your Client's Life

Discover how to provide a joyous client experience as a heart-centred entrepreneur
Discover how to provide a joyous client experience as a heart-centred entrepreneur

As a heart-centered female entrepreneur, you’ve made it your duty to “do good” for your clients—to bring joy to their lives and allow them to experience the positive outcome of your work. You take pride in being of service to the world, but being a ray of sunshine in your client’s life also revolves around how you deliver what you offer. Here’s how to show up in the highest possible ways in your client’s life:

Listen – In the face of modern life’s ever-expanding list of distractions, receiving undivided attention is a rarity. To bring simple joy to your client, give the gift of your full concentration each and every time he or she interacts with you. Turn off notifications when making business calls (the “ping” of a Facebook message instantly suggests your attention is elsewhere), and physically disconnect from your smart phone and computer keyboard as you speak with clients face-to-face.

Over-deliver – The promises you make to your clients are a valuable aspect of your marketing and sales strategies, but what can you deliver outside of these expectations? Dampening down the results you will provide in an attempt to “under-promise” is not the solution for providing real exhilaration for your customer. Think about how you can be a ray of sunshine by surprising your clients with sincere personal touches that show your appreciation for their service. This could be as simple as an unexpected hand-written “thank you” postcard.

Empathize – Listening alone is not enough. Put yourself in the position of your client, and really connect with that individual’s pains and struggles. When you are able to associate with and appreciate exactly what your clients are going through, you are not only better able to serve them—you also help them achieve a sense of relief and validity knowing that their experiences are valued.

Set boundaries – Make doing business with you as pleasurable and as straightforward as possible by setting understandable client-provider boundaries. These include clearly detailing how and when clients should make payments and boundaries for contact during project delivery. Providing your clients with guidelines of your working relationship helps eliminate the frustration of misunderstanding and immediately establishes a level of commitment and respect.

Be personal – Finally, be the ray of sunshine you were born to be in all areas of your life. Celebrate your uniqueness, and offer yourself wholeheartedly to your clients. Be true to the woman you are through your communications, and do not be afraid to share stories and comments that relate to your own personal experiences outside of your professional work. Business interactions are most inspiring when they are filled with authenticity, vulnerability and kindness.

Models in photo: Credit: Dreamtimes