It’s Okay to Be Great!


When I worked in corporate America, I was told repeatedly that I was great at presenting and training. I thought I was okay, but not to the extent of the way that people described it. I’ve spoken at women’s groups in churches, conferences and retreats, and they’ve all said the same thing. Even though I said, “Thank you,” I always second-guessed my abilities. Over the last five years, I realized that I’m not the only one who does this. If you’ll be honest, you second-guess your skills, abilities, gifts and talents.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Paula Clance wrote The Impostor Phenomenon and defined this way of thinking this way: “Despite outstanding accomplishments and repeated praise, women believe the only reason they've gotten ahead is good timing, connections, hard work or just plain luck, but never because of their own abilities and intelligence. And they live with the constant fear that sooner or later, someone will tear away their mask of success and discover the truth.”

This feeling will hold you back from marching forward to greatness.

Here are four steps to help you catapult you into greatness.

1. Say “Thank you.” When someone tells you how great you are or that you do something at an exceptional level, don’t say, ”Oh, it was alright.” Just say, “Thank you.” 2. Feel it. Take a minute to feel the compliment. People are so quick to move past compliments that they never get to experience the feeling of other people admiring their skills, talents, gifts or work. 3. Accept it. We are so quick to reject compliments that we don’t realize how much it means to the person giving the compliment. When you reject the compliment, you in essence tell the other person that he or she is lying. Embrace the way someone sees you, even if you don’t see it in yourself. 4. Out-talk the impostor inside. When the impostor inside of you starts to talk negatively, you have to out-talk the imposter with positive affirmations about who you are. Don’t let the impostor lead.

Marianne Williams’ famous quote is true: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” When you stop being fearful of your own power, then you can truly step into greatness.

Every human being has a seed of greatness inside. It’s up to you to water, feed and nourish that seed to grow. As long as you continue to reject and fight your greatness, you will never be fulfilled in life.

It’s time to step forward to greatness. Remember, “It’s okay to be great!”