Chicago-bred Entrepreneur Peytyn Willborn Redefines the Model Female Hustler


Former Hollywood entertainment stylist Peytyn Willborn can tell you the difference between a successful hustler and a fast talker. The Chicago-bred mother of two spent several years as a celebrity stylist before moving back to her hometown to pursue a series of business ventures and raise her family. Before relocating to the Windy City, Peytyn also managed the business entertainment career of former husband and comedian George Willborn. But she realized early on that her talents exceeded the low-funded salaries of celebrity stylists and soon gave in to her child-fed dreams. “When I was younger, I had an uncle who would take me and my mother to go shopping in downtown Chicago,” Peytyn said. “My life started in 1980 when I got my first Liz Claiborne shirt! From then on, I began to realize that I shouldn’t settle for less.”

Peytyn has a clever personality as she mentions the memories that helped influence her drive to achieve more in life. She openly talks about her childhood growing up as an only child in the Altgeld Gardens housing projects and having her uncle and kindergarten teacher, Miss Gilliam, as close mentors throughout her life.

Her next career move led to becoming the strong-head owner of the franchise 24-hour daycare centers, Kids ‘R’ First Learning Center. Peytyn has also owned her own salons, practicing real estate and recently founding the Italian-themed restaurant, Truth, which lies in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.

Although the life of a serial entrepreneur may seem fast, Peytyn manages to operate under only a few simple rules to help alleviate the stress of daily problems. Her advice to other women leading businesses is to remain focused on their goals by first being self-made. Secondly, but not the least important, are a series of personal boundaries: “Don’t give up easily; don’t complain and don’t give up the goods easily just to reach success.”

This year, her goals are to teach those life lessons through her Future Moguls campaign, a traveling young entrepreneurs mentoring program.

Peytyn’s willingness to give back is certainly evident with her focus to bring jobs to the Bronzeville area, which is closely located to the neighborhood in which she grew up. She also channels her wisdom via a social media thread called Peytyn Says where she shares nuggets of life’s lessons both on Instagram and Twitter (Follow her on both: @PeytynWillborn).

Photo credit: Peyton Willborn