How a Positive Attitude Can Be Good for Business


Even if you are a confident person, starting a business on your own has a way of shaking your confidence. When I first got started, I was struggling to find clients. I grew my Facebook fans, built my list and did everything that is supposed to work--but no one signed up for my coaching sessions. I wasn’t even getting many bookings for free discovery sessions.

I wondered what it would take to turn myself into one of those coaches who seems to have everything going for her and as many clients as she can fit into her schedule. I thought, “Why would someone work with me when there are so many great coaches out there?” I thought of dropping my prices so I would be more affordable. I even thought I might have to quit coaching altogether.

But, I pushed that nagging voice out of my head and hired a coach and mentor who showed me what is possible if I believe in my own authentic voice that I bring to coaching—a unique perspective that no one else can offer.

As soon as I stopped listening to the negative voices in my head and turned up the volume on the positive voices, I knew I had made the best decision of my life (well, maybe second best after marrying my husband!). Once I believed in myself, everything flowed. I got new clients. My business grew like a tree.

My confidence skyrocketed. The more you see yourself succeeding, the more you know it is actually possible to have the career you’ve dreamed about. Now I can look back, knowing that none of this would have been possible if I had not decided to be more positive about my capabilities. All it took was deciding I could do it—and the results have been completely life-changing.

In the past 12 months, I’ve traveled a total of two months all over the world. While I’ve been exploring and relaxing, I’ve been able to work wherever I am. That never would have been possible if I had stayed in my corporate job, afraid to pursue my dreams and passion.

I earned more than $250,000 in my first year working as a coach full time, which is far more than I ever made in the corporate world. While the money is great, what’s even more amazing is that I have made a real difference in people's lives. If you have a gift to share with the world, why would you let that negative voice inside your head hold you back from sharing it?

Silence the negative voices, and build a business with positivity as a cornerstone!