Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle’s course allows women to discover their beauty types and find the styles that are best for them
Carol Tuttle’s course allows women to discover their beauty types and find the styles that are best for them

All women are designed differently, and a style that works for one woman may not be the best fit for another. Dressing Your Truth is a service that provides education and guidance to help women learn more about their individual beauty types and how they can best meet their needs of not only looking great, but also feeling confident and beautiful.

This online course first takes you through an introductory section—Discover Type—in which users are able to learn more about the four different types of beauty through a series of educational videos led by Dressing Your Truth creator, Carol Tuttle. At the end of the Beauty Profiling, a woman will able to identify herself as one of the four beauty types: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 or Type 4.

After selecting her correct type, she will then enter into her specific Dressing Your Truth course based on that type. In this next section are demonstrations and instructional videos from the experts in the field. A user will be introduced to the five elements: design line, texture, fabric, pattern and color. Women will learn what aspects of these elements work best for their beauty types. For instance, a Type 2 woman will look best in flowing, comfortable clothing with soft, subtle colors, whereas a Type 4 woman is going to require more of a bold, striking look.

Tuttle and her style experts offer more guidance than clothing alone—users are also given video tutorials on their best options for makeup, hair and accessories. Are you a Type 2 woman with curly, unruly hair? Worry no more! Dressing Your Truth provides detailed instructions on how to style your hair so that you can walk around in confidence as the beautiful woman you were designed to be.

Additionally, course participants are able to hear the testimonials of women of how the Dressing Your Truth experience has not only improved their styles, but also truly impacted the way they live their lives.

Tuttle believes that all women are beautiful, and her course allows women to turn away from the traditional beauty standards in today’s society and instead, know their true beauty and express it with everything they choose to wear.