Enhancing the Charisma of Your Career


Most women want to be what they are not. If they’re heavy, they want to be skinny. If they’re tall, they want to be shorter. If their hair is curly, they want it to be straight. Self-esteem books tell you to love yourself and accept yourself for you are. As Kamal Ravikant states in his book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It “… love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up if you were hanging off a cliff ….” Becoming the best you isn’t about full acceptance of self, but about acceptance of your stand out qualities, which you can build upon. The key is “becoming,” which indicates you already have a seed or two planted in you--they just haven’t fully “become” yet.

Per Webster.com the word becoming means: causing someone to look attractive: having a flattering or attractive effect; suitable or appropriate for a particular person in a certain situation. Becoming the best you is an internal process, which ends with you becoming attracted to yourself, your skills, your abilities, your appearance and your way of living life. The external result of becoming the best you is the attraction of others. They will want to be close to or a part of what it is that you are, based on the best you that you offer to the world. Now that you understand what becoming the best means, let’s figure out how to get there.

1. Make a list. Over the last month, you’ve heard compliments on many things you do or say. List them. No filtering. No analysis of their validity. Just list them out. These are the traits that will be the foundation of becoming the best you. No need to reach for something that doesn’t already exist to some extent in your life already. As the definition states, for a particular person in a certain situation, which means someone (maybe several people) have taken notice of what you have already.

2. Choose and define. Choose two or three of the traits on the list you created. After you make your choice, define what the best of this trait is to you. Consider the following example: You’re so well organized. The best of this is having a well thought-out plan for all things related to your position. Becoming the best at organization means you have mapped out who you need to connect with this month, a method to ensure you don’t miss an email and your desk has a well stock of what you need on a daily basis. You have everything you need to complete your job in the most productive fashion, training needs are listed out in sequence, and every immediate need is met. Take the compliment of organization and make it a part of the best you.

3. Get in gear. Becoming the best you is nothing to be afraid of. There is no place where you can fail. You have defined what the best for each of these traits is so you are the only person who can determine any failure in these areas. Guess what? Even if all you do is increase your abilities in these areas by 10 percent, you have still moved into becoming the best you.

Over the next few months, you will feel yourself becoming the best you that’s ever been. You will exude to all those around you that something is different. There has been a growth within that pours out of you, that makes people look up and higher toward the you that you have become. Congratulations on becoming the best you!