Festive Office Gifts for Foodies


5 “filling” and fun ways to give thanks at work

With the ushering in of auburn leaves and gingerbread lattes, the comfort of the season often reminds us of those who bring a warm presence to our lives. We excitedly plan out our fourth quarter with the intent to use any remaining vacation hours and discretionary funds to spend with and on those we love. However, while our family and friends are easily our greatest gifts, there is a subset of our peers that often go overlooked in our holiday giving.

Before you head out on holiday break this year, do not forget to thank those who help hold you down in the office; for example, the work bestie who covers for you when you need to take a mental health day or the IT guy who stays in the office late into the night to set up technology for your early morning meeting. As you take to perusing holiday sales and planning out your holiday dinner menus, let your palate guide you in your shopping for the short but sweet list of colleagues who deserve your gratitude. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate your officemates and fellow foodies around the holidays –

  1. The Sweet Taste of Christmas. For the dedicated mentor, manager, or supervisor, assemble dried orange, cranberry, and cinnamon ingredients into a mug with a tea bag and instructions on how to steep and sip. Present wrapped in cellophane wrapper and a bow.
  2. Frosty the Snowman. Get crafty and decorate the breakroom refrigerator to look like a snowman, then fill the freezer or fridge with ice cream or other “icy” treats.
  3. DONUT Know What We’d Do Without You. Pick a lighter traffic day like Tuesday, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to head out on the road early and pick up donuts and coffee for the department.
  4. Death to the Five Golden Rings. During your Sunday meal prep, double pack all your lunches to include a healthy lunch for both you and your work bestie for the full 5-day work week. It will relieve her of her guilty pleasure of buying the cafeteria’s greasy onion rings, and help save her money as she thinks about all the holiday purchases she needs to make.
  5. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Movie Night. Grab some microwave popcorn and attach a bow and a Redbox movie code to the front. Hand these out to service personnel such as building concierges, security officers, mailroom staff, and tech support.

What are your favorite ways to show gratitude to coworkers during the holidays? Let us know on Twitter @HopeMag.

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