Have a Happy Victorious New Year!

Have a happy victorious new year, leaving the failures of last year behind.
Have a happy victorious new year, leaving the failures of last year behind.

As the end of the year approaches, we all look back over the past year to create goals for the New Year. We are optimistic and feel as though anything and everything is possible for the coming year. However, that feeling decreases when looking back over the past year. A natural tendency is to focus your thoughts on the things you didn’t accomplish. However, I challenge you to live differently this time. A better way to grow your career is to focus on all the things you did right, the successes you gained. A runner doesn’t focus on how fast they didn’t go. A runner lives in the reality of time and then prepares themselves to do better. They don’t start their training focused on failure; they focus their training on their achievement, moving toward the time they want.

What success did you achieve over the last 12 months? Did you challenge yourself by taking on a project you’ve never done before? Were you able to sway a troublesome client into one who’s happy they are being serviced by you? Maybe you moved to a new position or a new company. All of these are career successes. Triumphs set the foundation for 2016. Having a hard time thinking of successes you’ve achieved this year? Maybe this small list will help jar your memory:

• Completing your assignment before deadline • Working with a new group of people on a project and working well with them • Walking into a new job • Changing your career presence and sticking with it all year • Eating lunch with other co-workers outside of your normal group • Getting a promotion • Learning a new skill and using it at work

On paper, the individual successes you’ve achieved over the year may not seem substantial. However, remember the persistence and positive mindset you kept to achieve these achievements. Most successful business owners will tell you that they couldn’t have been able to survive and thrive had they settled their minds on the failures of life.

As you plot out your goals for next year, don’t start from a negative place of what you didn’t do last year; it’s pointless. Filling your head space with failure, what didn’t happen and lost opportunities keeps you stagnant. No one can go forward if they are stuck in the past. Instead, build your 2016 goals list from a place of success, and continue to grow higher!

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