Help, I Want to Quit!


Keep going! You can do it! Reach for the stars! You’ve likely heard these phrases and other words that offer hope and encouragement to keep moving forward. However, let’s be honest: every woman has had at least one moment in her life when she flat out wants to quit, even in the mist of all of the positive vibes and inspirational quotes. It’s not that she wants to take a small break or vacation, but she literally wants to throw the towel into a fire pit, burn it, walk away and never look back again. So the question is: What do you do when you have a persistently overwhelming desire to give up?

Contrary to popular belief, the desire to quit is neither good nor bad. It is simply an indicator that you need to determine if what you’ve been doing is still the right thing for you now. An underpaid mother, for example, may develop a desire to quit her current job so she can move on to something better. A business owner might consider closing her doors because she is in debt. An athlete may be tired of running the same drills. Who would argue with their decisions to quit? Would they be wrong?

The proper response to the desire to quit is to analyze your current situation. The analysis process provides clarity and also helps you determine if you should continue with your current endeavor, make adjustments to the endeavor or quit and move on to something new. Here are some questions to ponder:

• What was your motive for beginning what you now want to quit? Why did you start the business, take the job, volunteer in ministry, date the guy, etc.? • Has your motive been fulfilled? Has the motive changed? Does the motive still apply? • What were your expectations about the endeavor? Were they realistic? • Are you the same person you were when you began this endeavor? How have you changed? • Does the current endeavor meet your needs? • What will happen to you if you continue (spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally and physically)? • What will happen to you if you quit? • How will your choice affect the people around you? • What’s next for you if you quit? • Is it really time to move on, or are you just tired and/or lazy?

Women from all walks of life are faced with the dilemma of staying the course or quitting and moving on to something new. This decision should not be taken lightly and should only be made after much deliberation, prayer and planning. Only you can determine what your next steps should be, so make your choice with boldness, wisdom and the hope of happiness.