How to Stop Second-Guessing and Start Making Your Dreams Reality


Only two short years ago, I was working full time at my corporate job and running my blog on the side. I had built a huge following, and I loved my readers, but they weren’t translating to any kind of profit. I loved my blog so much and devoted countless hours to it. Although I was making no money from it at the time, I thought that, surely if I produced good content and was consistent, I’d somehow work out a way to get paid and be able to quit my job.

Truthfully, I would daydream far too often that I would be discovered by a social media mogul like Kim Kardashian just like Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love was.

I really didn’t give the money-making side of things any thought. I hoped it would all just work itself out. I mean, surely it wouldn’t take that long to be discovered, right?

Surprise, surprise—I’m still waiting on the day for this to happen. So it’s a good thing I took some action to get one step closer to leaving my job and creating the coaching business I desired.

Being discovered by Kim Kardashian isn’t a business plan.

I remember thinking that there was no way I could turn things around for myself. It seemed pretty much impossible to leave my job and replace my salary working for myself, despite all evidence to the contrary from my background and experience.

So what changed? How did I stop second guessing myself and my abilities and make my dream a reality? I made one minor, but major change: I changed my attitude. I knew that if I wanted something badly enough, I would not give up until I made it happen--no matter what.

Here are the ways I changed my attitude about my dreams:

• I got out of my own way. I dealt with my insecurities by completely putting myself out there and sharing vulnerabilities, like my Kim Kardashian business plan.

• I stopped thinking of limits when it came to money and success. I realized that I was telling myself every day, “You can’t do this on your own.” No wonder I started believing it!

• I grew thicker skin with my friends and family when it came to my new venture. I can see now that, at the time, they were only reflecting my own lack of confidence. Once I projected self-assurance about my plans, they were fully supportive. (As a side note, now that they’ve seen what I’m capable of—creating a successful coaching business where I’m earning $27K in one month—everyone is on board with my “whatever it takes, no matter what” attitude.

• I dropped the excuses. This one wasn’t easy. It’s so much easier to come up with excuses for not following your dreams due to a perceived lack of money, education, time, experience or qualifications. Get rid of them.

You may have a laundry list of excuses that you’ve rehearsed and keep repeating to yourself. But what if you just drop the excuses? What if you adopt an “I’m doing it, no matter what” attitude? How would it change your life, your work, your true happiness, and even your bank account?

For me, it’s changed everything.

In the past two years, I’ve traveled the world, taking time I never would have had in a corporate job. I’m out earning myself practically each month and, most importantly, helping amazing women make their dreams come true.