It Really Is Your Reality


There is a saying, “What you think is what you believe and what you live.” The same is true for your work life. No job is perfect—even the best place to work has irritating people, rules that are outdated, office space that is cramped and a salary that doesn’t compensate fully for all that you do. However, where you work isn’t so bad if you see it as it is and not as it should be.

Your work environment is a place where you are welcomed. When you walk into work, there are people there who are glad to see you. Maybe they want to talk about a television program you both watch or ask you what you ate for dinner. The conversations aren’t the focus, but the fact that they want to have the conversations with you is. Most companies have some flavor of Instant Messaging they use in the office. Have you and your “work friends” created a conversation group just for your small group? In this conversation group, you post comments or ideas, even if you just engage in standard water cooler talk throughout the day. It makes the workload of the day a little lighter.

The projects allow you to work on teams with a variety of people—and people are truly what make every day at work a different experience. You look at the project one way, but there are other people working with you who see it another way. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, but it is interesting to hear someone else’s take on the direction to go. The experiences others bring to the day can spark your own creative juices to take you to places you hadn’t thought of before.

The small deficiencies bring laughter to everyone. No workplace is perfect, but the imperfections are often funny. Everyone is short-staffed, gets frustrated using the moody copier and finds a way to mark his or her stapler and pens (because there are never enough office supplies). Possibly the big joke with everyone is finding a parking space that isn’t a football field away from the door. The imperfections are so frustrating that there is nothing to do but laugh.

There is always room for improvement and growth. You may not be the change-maker, but you could be the person who makes the suggestions. This is not a bad thing to be known as—when there are areas that need improvement, like the daily processes in the office, ordering supplies, reserving conference rooms, scheduling client visits and allocating resources. In revamping or creating efficient processes, you may have just created a position for yourself that didn’t exist. Perhaps you’re learning new skills outside of work and have an idea to utilize those skills in the office. In an office that has growth potential, there is space for new skill sets. What a perfect environment to work in!

Sure, being in “that place” every day isn’t exactly the direction your dream is going, but it isn’t a nightmare, either. Instead of going in seeing the problems and the things that make where you work a place of despair, look at where you work as a place of promise. As they say, “God is still working on me”—and maybe he’s still working on your workplace, too.

Photo by Ellyot on Unsplash