It Was a Good Thing

Be thankful for what didn't happen!
Be thankful for what didn't happen!

Sometimes what you want in the moment is not actually what you need in the grand scheme of things. When you reflect on your career, don’t compare your career to anyone else’s. Don’t compare where you are to where you wanted to be at this point. No, this is a reflection of the past that reveals truth. Which opportunities came your way and which opportunities did you want that seemed to pass you by? Why is that? Why did some opportunities that looked so right for you seem somehow not to connect? Is there a reason you can see now why you weren’t chosen for those places? Simply put, they weren’t for you.

There was a position that screamed your credentials, but you weren’t picked. Maybe the company closed its doors, or people were laid off within months of you seeing that perfect job. Maybe the project you wanted so badly was given to someone else. Within a few weeks of that, a much better project became available, and your plate had the space to take it on. What about the promotion that you worked so hard for, but someone else got it? Several years later, you’re working at a different company and have been soaring to new heights ever since. These are the times when you can sit back and say, “Thank you.”

“Thank you” for not choosing me then so that I could be chosen now. “Thank you” for closing the doors of the business you were working so you could start your own business. “Thank you” for closing that door, which you thought had your name on it, to open several doors afterward. “Thank you” for moving you to a different place before the lay-off or shut-down. “Thank you” for giving you the skills from working several jobs to open your own business. Be thankful for the career you didn’t have that allowed you to have the one you have now.

If you are not in the career position you want now, you can still be thankful. Appreciating where you are now is preparing you for the place you are about to be moved to—the place that is just for you is waiting. With each step and each moment of thankfulness, you’re getting closer.

Yes, be thankful as you look backward for all of the openings you didn’t get. The reason those doors didn’t open fully for you to walk through weren’t due to any lack of skills on your part, but, rather, they didn’t have your best interest at heart on the other side of the door. Be thankful for those things that you asked for that really weren’t right for you. It often takes reflecting on those moments for you to see just how wrong they were, and how lucky you were after all.